[ FANFIC ] Quartie One-Shots and Teasers 5: Quinn Visits Mr. Schue

Quartie One-Shots and Teaseres  

Chapter 05: Quinn Visits Mr Schuester


Author’s Notes: The following takes place during a future chapter of Quartie Ever After when Quinn is pregnant with Artie’s baby. Quinn and Artie live in LA, but are visiting Lima when she decided to visit her former teacher and make a request of him. This will make more sense to you if you read that and Quartie Headcannon first. 


Disclaimer: This story takes place 18 years after Beth’s birth, and accepts everything that happened in Glee cannon, even the parts I hated. 


= = = = = 


Quinn entered a place that she hadn’t been in almost ten years, and walked down familiar tiled hallways lined with red lockers, and soaked in the memories. So much of her teenage life had been wrapped up in this place. As she approached the room that she had spent the most time in during her four years there, she heard the faint sound of singing. 


She quietly slipped in and sat in the back corner while the group of students finished their song, a harmonized version of a Top 40 Hit that Quinn had heard a few times. 


Several of the singers noticed her enter, and a couple glanced in her direction, and at her growing belly, making her a tiny bit self conscious. But, to their credit, she didn’t notice any mistakes in their performances. 


She subconsciously lay her hand on her stomach protectively for a moment. She supposed things really hadn’t changed that much in the past two decades in her small hometown, as much as she wished they had. 


When they finished, a greying Will Schuester addressed the group from his spot next to the piano, where an also grey haired Brad Ellis played along with the student jazz band. 


“Great job guys!  That will sound great at Nationals in May.” He glanced over at Quinn and smiled. “As you can see we have a guest. My friends, I’d like to introduce you to New Directions Alum, and Hollywood actress Quinn Fabray.” Quinn heard mumbling among the group, clearly some of them had heard of her. “She was a senior the first time the New Directions won at Nationals back in 2012.” This got the attention of most of the remaining students who looked in her direction, including the girl who had sung the solo in the song she’d just heard. 


“Hi everyone,” Quinn said, smiling, “that sounded great! I’m sorry to interrupt your rehearsal-”


“-Nonsense, Quinn,” her former director and teacher said, “I’ve always said that anyone who goes through this club is always welcome back anytime.”


“Thanks Mr. Schue,” she told him. To the rest of the group she added, “Congratulations on winning your regionals! That song was great! I’m sure it will kill at Nationals. It’s great to see that my former teacher has gotten over his habit of choosing performance setlists at the last minute. Hopefully he’s also stopped rapping.”


Most of the group laughed, including Mr. Schue. The bell rang and the students slowly filed out of the room, many of them taking a moment to smile at Quinn who rose to her feet, and walked down to meet her former teacher who embraced her in a hug. 


“It’s great to see you Quinn,” he said. 


“You too,” she told him as they broke the hug. She glanced around the room, her eyes scanning the much fuller than she remembered trophy case, and a group of pictures on the wall from 2009-2012. In particular her eyes paused on the Glee Club photo from her sophomore year when she was pregnant the first time, and one from the senior year when they were celebrating their Nationals win. 


“This room has a lot of great memories,” he said. 


“And some not-so-great ones,” she reminded him. 


“Yeah,” he admitted, “but without the bad you don’t appreciate the good.”


He took a moment, and looked her over head to toe. She was about six or seven months pregnant and she’d allowed her hair to grow out like she had in high school, with a small braid on either side of her face. 


“My God Quinn,” he told her, “You look so great! You’re positively glowing!”


“Thank you,” she responded, a broad smile on her face, “I’m very happy!” She placed her hand on the child growing inside of her belly. “I’m in a lot better place in my life than the last time I looked like this.”


“Yeah,” he said, placing his arm around her shoulder leading her into the office. 


He gestured for her to take a seat, and then took the seat next to her instead of on the other side of the desk. 


“So how have you been doing?” He asked. “Career doing okay?”


“Not as well as I’d like,” she admitted, “but I’m getting along.”


“Well,” he said, reassuring her, “I’m sure things will pick up soon.” 


She plastered on a fake smile, and answered, “I’m sure they will.”


“We got the wedding invitation a few days ago,” he said, changing the subject. “I’m not sure if Emma has mailed the R.S.V.P. yet, but we will be there.”


“I’m glad, Mr. Schue. It will mean a lot to both of us having you there. How are your kids?” She asked. “I hope you’re bringing them with you?”


“Oh course! Can you believe Danny is almost sixteen already?” He marveled. 


“Wow,” Quinn responded, “Pretty soon he’s going to be auditioning for Glee Club himself!”


“Yeah,” her teacher admitted, “and Lucy is almost fifteen now.”


“Wow,” Quinn said. “They grow up so fast! Life’s been so good to you.”


“Yeah it has,” he responded, “to you as well.”


He glanced at the engagement ring on her finger, which she promptly held up and let him get a closer look at. It was a nice, but tastefully sized, diamond stone in a gold setting.


“Sorry about the short notice,” Quinn added, “but Artie and I agreed that we wanted to be married before the baby was born, and as you probably recall, Beth was early.”


“I completely understand. How is Artie?” He asked. “I’m surprised he’s not here with you”


“Visiting his parents,” she told him. “I’m sure he’ll be along to see you soon enough. But I wanted to talk to you about something… alone.”


“What is it?” He asked, intrigued. 


“I was wondering if you could do me a favor?” She asked.


“Anything,” he assured her, “if it’s in my power to grant it. You know that.”


She looked him in the eye and asked, “I-I was wondering if you’d do me the honor of giving me away.” A tear formed in the corner of her eye, which she quickly wiped away. 


He just sat there with his mouth open. He was momentarily speechless.


She rose to her feet and began to pace. 


“As-As you know,” she explained, “my relationship with my parents has been strained ever since I got pregnant with Beth. My mom and I have managed to patch things up over the years, and she’s thrilled for Artie and I. She’s actually always really liked him, unlike most of the other guys I’ve dated. 


“Unfortunately the same can’t be said about my father and I. We are talking again, but he hasn’t exactly been supportive. He won’t even agree that he’s definitely coming to the wedding at all, let alone to give me away. I’m not sure he even deserves that honor anymore anyway. 


“I’ve given it a lot of thought,” she continued. “You’ve been so good to me over the years, and been like a second father and mentor to all of us in the Glee Club. If I can’t have my biological father, there’s no one else I’d rather have give me away than you.


”I completely understand if you think it’s too much to ask-”


He got over his momentary shock, rose to his feet and embraced her in another full body hug. “Of course,” he told her, tears forming in his own eyes, “I’d be honored.”


“Thank you,” she said, with more tears.


He could see how difficult it had been for her to come and ask him this, and just stood there, holding her tight for several more minutes before placing his arm around her shoulder and leading her out into the hall. “Come on,” he told her, “Emma would love to see you.”


“That would be great,” she told him. “I’d love to see her too. I’m anxious to see your kids as well.”


“I’ll talk to Emma,” he told her. “We’ll have you and Artie over for dinner one of these nights.”  He paused before adding, “You and Artie. Somehow I never really saw that coming.”


“We’ve been hearing that a lot,” she said, smiling. “We didn’t either until recently.”


“Does he make you happy?” He asked. 


“Very much so,” she said, grinning from ear to ear. 


“I’m happy for you,” he told her. “I bet there is a story there.”


“A rather long and complicated one,” she responded. “I’ll have to tell it to you some time.”


= = = = =


Author’s Endnote: So, yeah, I guess there’s a bit of a spoiler there, but the title of the story kinda gave the Quartie endgame away anyway. What does everyone think?

[ FANFIC ] Quartie One-Shots and Teasers 4: Quinn and Adult Beth Have Lunch

Quartie One Shots and Teasers

Chapter 04: Quinn and Adult Beth Have Lunch


Author’s Notes: The following takes place during a future chapter of Quartie Ever After when Quinn has lunch with her adult daughter Beth and they end up having a shocking conversation. Quinn and Artie live in LA, but are visiting Lima. This will make more sense to you if you read that and Quartie Headcannon first. 


Disclaimer: Thie story mentions sexual assault and character death. 


= = =


When Quinn and Artie returned to Lima for the holidays, Quinn had called her birth daughter Beth and invited her to visit her grandmother Judy, along with Quinn and Artie while they were there. Lima Ohio was a lot closer to New York than Los Angeles was. Beth had readily agreed, and the day after the younger woman’s arrival, Quinn had invited her to have lunch together, just the two of them. 


The two women sat across from each other at a table at BreadstiX. Like many other things in Lima, Quinn marveled, the place had barely changed in fifteen years. That’s kind of how it was in small towns.


At first things had been quiet and awkward between them. While Beth had “met” Quinn when she’d been about twelve, the two of them had never spent an extended amount of time together, just the two of them. But after a few awkward starts, the flood gates had been open and it was as if they had been doing this for years. 


The two women spent a large chunk of their meal chatting about various subjects, including Quinn’s career, Beth’s high school and college experiences, and boyfriend. They were just finishing their meal and had ordered a dessert when Quinn decided to change the subject. 


“As great as it’s been catching up,” Quinn said, “there’s something specific that I wanted to talk to you about, just the two of us.” 


Beth got a puzzled look on her face, as Quinn continued. “I’m not really sure how to tell you this or how you are going to react. I want you to know that there is no right or wrong reaction to this.” Beth nodded, nervously, before Quinn continued.


“So I’m just going to say it…. I’m Pregnant. You’re going to have a birth half-sister or brother.”


Beth just sat there stunned, not sure what to say. The two of them sat there silently for several moments. Quinn fidgeted in her chair several times before Beth broke the silence. 


“Wow,” she finally said with a half smile on her face. “That’s … that’s just about the last thing I expected you to say.”


“So what do you think?” Quinn asked, nervously.


“I, I didn’t even know you were dating anyone,” Beth told her, with an astonished look on her face, ”let alone that you wanted to have more children. We just finished catching up and-.”


“Well,” Quinn told her, “technically I’m not dating anyone. Your uncle Artie is the father.”


Beth gave her another confused look, so Quinn continued to explain. “I suppose I should start at the beginning.”


“That might be helpful,” Beth said.


“As you know,” Quinn began, “I had you at such a young age that I wasn’t ready to be a mother.” Beth nodded. “But I never intended for you to be my only child. I always planned to start a family someday. But over the years none of my romantic relationships ended up lasting long enough to develop into a marriage and family situation. 


“Artie and I have been friends since we were five years old. He’s had a similar romantic experience, and a few months ago he and I decided that we wanted to have a child together while it was still medically possible.”


“I see,” Beth said, taking the time to absorb what she’d heard and formulate her next question. “I’m not sure how to ask you this. It’s something that I’ve always wondered about…. Did you ever actually want to keep me?”


“Of course I did!” Quinn exclaimed, reaching across the table, placing her hand on her daughter’s arm. “I wanted to keep you so badly that I actually considered having a relationship with your father, so we could be a family, something that I never would have otherwise.”


“I don’t understand,” Beth responded with an even more confused expression. “I thought that he was your high school boyfriend.”


“No,” Quinn clarified. “While we did try dating after you were conceived, at the time I was dating Finn Hudson, his best friend.”


“I … I don’t understand….” Beth said.


“Are you sure you want to hear this?” Quinn asked, a worried expression on her face. “I’m sure that you have some preconceived ideas about what happened. I’m not sure I want to shatter them, or your illusions about your father or some of the members of my family or myself-.”


“-Yes,” Beth said firmly. “I’ve wanted to hear this since I was twelve years old!”


Quinn sighed and took another sip of her drink before beginning her story again, ”Very well, don’t say I didn’t warn you ….”


“Back in high school I was the Queen Bee of the school, and head cheerleader. I’d attained this post halfway through my freshman year when the former captain fell and broke her leg during one of our stunts, and I’d already managed to impress our coach with my athletic and leadership abilities. By the end of the year I was dating the Captain of the football team, Finn Hudson.  I was the President of the Celibacy Club and expected to be the Queen of the Chastity Ball the following fall. As you could probably tell from Grandma Judy, my family is very conservative.”


Beth nodded. 


“Going into sophomore year I had it all,” Quinn continued. “Then Finn got it into his head to join the newly reorganized glee club. I know that people are a lot more open minded now, but back then, that was social suicide. People thought that Finn was gay – and back then that was considered a bad thing – and that he was only dating me to cover up that fact. They used to call that being someone’s ‘beard’. I felt humiliated and pressured him to quit. So did your father, his best friend Noah Puckerman or Puck as we called him.”


“Finn was my first real love, and I was very confused and it frustrated me that he seemed to be prioritizing a stupid Glee Club over me.”


“I thought that you liked glee club in high school?”


“I did,” she explained, “very much. But that came later.”


Beth nodded. 


“One day,” Quinn continued, “Puck and I were keeping an eye on him after he cancelled his plans with me to do something for the glee club. When I saw him together in the auditorium with your step sister Rachel Berry, it was obvious that they were into each other, and when she told him that he could kiss him if he wanted I couldn’t take it anymore. 


“I was very upset and stormed out of the school. Puck followed me, auspiciously to comfort me, but I found out later that he had ulterior motives. I don’t want you to think badly of your biological father, but back in high school he was a real dog. I heard through the grapevine, months later, that he thought it would be funny to deflower the President of The Celibacy Club and Queen of the Chastity Ball before she even attended the ball, and had a bet with some of the other football players that he could do it before Finn did. 


“I wasn’t quite sixteen, and didn’t have my license yet. He offered me a ride home, and my mind was so distracted that I didn’t really give it much thought. In addition to being upset with Finn, I’d also gained two pounds in my Cheerios weigh-in earlier that day, and was sensitive about that. I was so upset that I didn’t resist when Puck offered me a wine cooler to, as he said, “take the edge off.”


“Well, I was so upset that I kept ranting about Finn, and Rachel, and at Coach Sylvester’s obsession with my weight, and glee club that I apparently wasn’t paying too much attention to how much I was drinking; and where we were. Before I knew it, we had finished off one four pack of wine coolers and were halfway through a second, and were up in my room laying on my bed kissing; and he was clearly wanting more.” Her face cringed in anguish from the memory. 




Teenage Quinn and Puck are laying on her bed making out and moaning. He reaches up under her shirt.


“- I can’t do this,” she tells him, grabbing his hand.


“- Yes, you can,” he tells her. “Have another wine cooler.”

“I’m president of the celibacy club,” she reminds him. “I took a vow.”


“So did Santana and Brittany,” he informs her, “and I did them.”

“What about Finn?” She wants to know. “He’s your best friend.”

“Come on,” he pleads. “We’re in high school. You think either one of us is gonna give a damn about Finn in three years? Life’s just a bunch of experiences, you know. You don’t get a medal at the finish line for being good. You just get dead.”


“Okay,” she finally relents, the alcohol blurring her thinking, “but you can’t tell anybody. I can’t lose my rep.”

“Our secret, baby,” he assures her, reaching for the hem of her top.

She stops him. “What about protection?” 


“I got it,” he assures her. ”Trust me. This isn’t just another hook-up for me.”


He begins kissing her again.

“Tell me one more time,” she pleads.


“- You’re not fat.”




“So basically he raped you?” Beth concluded, clearly upset. 


“No,” Quinn responded, stunned that Beth would say that, “I had sex with him because I was mad at Finn, he got me drunk on wine coolers; and I felt fat that day because Coach Sylvester had been critical about my weight in front of the rest of the squad. That, added to the usual insecurities that all girls have about their weight and appearance, put me in a bit of a weakened emotional state, and that didn’t even factor in the alcohol. It weakened my inhibitions, but I wouldn’t call it rape.”


“Mother Quinn,” Beth said, “he intentionally got you drunk in order to lower your inhibitions, and get you to have sex with him. When you resisted he kept pressing you, offering you more alcohol. Even back in 2009, that was rape!”


“I wasn’t falling down drunk or passed out-“ Quinn tried to explain.


“Maybe not,” Beth countered. “But your inhibitions were clearly affected. You just said that you would never have let him do it otherwise.”


“I- I never really thought of it that way,” Quinn said, now quite shaken herself. 


She paused for a few moments, playing with her napkin, before continuing. “Even though he’d said that it wasn’t just another hookup, his actions said otherwise. He left only a few minutes after he … finished, and I just lay there alone. He didn’t even stay and cuddle. 


“When he left, I felt so empty inside…. Your first time changes you. I really hope that your first time is more special than mine was. We all have these romantic ideas about what it’s supposed to be like. It wasn’t like that at all. I wasn’t in love with him. He definitely wasn’t in love with me, and it was actually kind of awkward. I mostly just lay there scared. I didn’t enjoy it at all. 


“Afterwards, I felt so cheap and dirty….




A 15 year old Quinn stands crying in the shower, trying desperately to scrub herself clean, but it’s no use.




“Did it hurt?” She asked. “I’m sorry if that’s too personal, but they say it’s supposed to hurt for the first time.”


“No, it’s okay. Ask me anything you want. I’ve already told you way more than I ever intended to,” she told her. “I don’t really think so. I’m not sure if that was because of the alcohol, or the fact that I broke my maidenhead riding bikes with Artie when we were seven.”


Beth nodded as Quinn continued the story.


“I had always been taught to save myself for marriage, and I couldn’t believe what I’d done, and who I had done it with. I felt so awful inside!  I decided that no one would ever find out about what had happened – EVER – and if Puck went against his word, I would just deny it and it would be the word of the Queen Bee of McKinley against that of a Lima Loser with no proof, so no one would believe it. 


“I put the whole thing out of my mind, and refocused on getting Finn back, which turned out to be a lost cause. He was clearly in love with Rachel. I was going to have to move on with someone else.


“But of course it didn’t work out that way,” she continued. “As it turned out, Puck hadn’t used a condom after all, and a couple weeks later I missed a period. I had always been fairly regular so that was unusual. After a week or so of denial, I wore a disguise and went out and bought a pregnancy test.  I was so terrified when I waited for the results, and devastated when the pink plus sign appeared.


“My life had just changed forever…”


“What about my father?” Beth asked.


“What about him?” Quinn asked nervously, sensing where this conversation was going.


“Where is he?” Beth asked. “Whenever I ask mom about him she just says that he is out of the picture-“


“Out of the picture,” Quinn said at the same time, repeating the explanation that Shelby and Quinn had come up with to tell Beth whenever the subject came up. 


“What exactly does that mean?” Beth asked. 


Quinn signed. “Shelby didn’t want-“


“-To hell with what she wanted! I’m asking YOU!” Beth exclaimed. “I’m almost 20 years old; an adult. I’m able to decide things for myself. I deserve to know…. Is he dead?”


“No,” Quinn answered, reluctantly, “but he may as well be. He’s in the disciplinary barracks at Fort Leavenworth Kansas.”


Beth gave her an even more confused look.  She’d already said more than she intended to. But now that the cat was out of the bag, she supposed the girl was right and deserved to know. 


Quinn sighed, taking another sip of her drink and after a moment to consider where the best place to start was, she reluctantly continued her story.


“I told you that your dad and Finn Hudson were close friends.” Beth nodded. “Finn’s death, not quite a year after we graduated, affected all of us in different ways. I was riddled with guilt for the things I had done, even though he had long since forgiven me, because that’s just the kind of guy he was. Rachel mourned him deeply and regretted not marrying him when she had the chance senior year. Puck really went off the deep end. He got drunk, and was very angry. Puck had always looked to Finn for help making good decisions, and for the first time in as long as he could remember, he didn’t have that to rely on.  


“He decided to enlist in the Air Force, and I have to say it was good for him. He seemed to mature, and really come into his own. Eventually he began dating Lauren Zeises, a girl he’d dated in high school who was also in the Air Force.  Things were looking up for him. 


“Then about nine years ago at one of our many Glee Club reunions, a bunch of us were at a club when some guy we’d never met began making disparaging comments about Lauren – she’s overweight – and Artie about being in a chair. Your father had always had problems with impulse control. That, along with the alcohol we’d all consumed caused Puck to defend their honor – physically. The guy took a swing at him, which really set him off. We tried to stop him, but it happened so fast. Before we knew it, Puck had dropped the guy. He was unconscious and someone poured a pitcher of beer on him, but unlike the movies, he didn’t wake up. 


“After a few more attempts to get him to respond, someone called 911. When the police and ambulance arrived, Puck was arrested, and the guy was taken to the hospital.  We never got the full details, but the guy was in a coma with severe brain damage. Puck was active duty military, so the local police turned him over to the Air Force Military Police. Puck was charged with assault and a court martial was scheduled. 


“About a week later the guy still hadn’t woken up, and on the advice of the doctors, his family disconnected his life support and feeding tubes, and he died a couple of days later. The charges were increased to manslaughter because Puck was a trained soldier. He was on active duty, in uniform, and the news media had gotten ahold of the story. Someone had recorded it with a cell phone camera and there were loads of witnesses. They wanted to make an example of him, so they threw the book at him. He was sentenced to 20 years to life at hard labor, and a dishonorable discharge.”


Beth was stunned.


“I understand that this is a lot to absorb,” Quinn told her, reaching for her arm. 


“That’s an understatement!” Beth exclaimed. “Not only did my father rape my mother, resulting in my unwanted conception, but he later became a murderer!”


“He’s not a murderer-“


“Murder? Manslaughter? It’s just semantics. He killed someone!”


“Not intentionally-“


“-That doesn’t matter!” Beth exclaimed, tears beginning to fill her eyes. “All of my life I’ve wanted to know about my father, and now I wish I hadn’t asked.”


“Beth….” Quinn said, reaching for the girl’s arm in an attempt to comfort her.


“No!” Beth said, snatching her arm away.  “He was a monster!” 


“No,” Quinn said, firmly, “he wasn’t.”


Beth rose to her feet and began rushing towards the door.


“For what it’s worth, Beth,” Quinn called out to her, rising to her feet, “your father wanted to keep you. He was so in love with you from the moment he found out about you. He’s the one who actually named you. It was my choice to put you up for adoption. I did it because I thought that it was the best thing for all of us, and Shelby seemed like she’d be a good mother.  It took him a long time to forgive me for that.”


But Beth heard almost none of this as she ran out.


“Shit!” Quinn mumbled, returning to her seat. She pulled out her cell phone and dialed a number. “Hey, it’s me.  I think I just made a huge mistake.”


= = = = =


Author’s Endnote: So what does everyone think?  I personally have mixed feelings about it, and wonder if I took it too far. Their was written in late 2017 and what Mark Salling did was already common knowledge. I can’t say that his crimes had no influence on it. But at the same time, I always knew that Puck was a pretty shady character. His numerous disgusting comments, especially about underage girls, had always upset me. I saw what he did as rape (and lager emotional manipulation) literally the first time I watched Glee in July 2012. What does everyone think? 

[ FANFIC ] Quartie One-Shots and Teasers 3: Tina Gets A Dose Of Uncomfortable Truth

Quartie One-Shots andTeasers
Chapter 3: Tina Gets A Dose of Uncomfortable Truth:  

Author’s Notes: The following takes place during a future chapter of Quartie Ever After when Quinn is pregnant with Artie’s baby and the former glee club members throw her a baby shower. Quinn and Artie live in LA, but are visiting Lima. This will make more sense to you if you read that and Quartie Headcannon first.  

Disclaimer: This story takes place 18 years after Beth’s birth and neither Quinn nor Artie have had much success in the relationship department. Their frustration and bitterness over that definitely influence them in this scene, so keep that in mind.  

The story accepts everything that happened in Glee cannon, even the parts I hated.  

My fellow Wildebrams shippers should brace themselves for an uncomfortable revelation. 

= = = = = 

Quinn’s family members, along with the former members of the Glee Club and other friends sat around the room chatting. From her spot next to her husband Mike, who was chatting away with Sam, Tina kept glancing at Quinn, who was catching up with Lauren Zizes. Something was cleanly on her mind. Finally she rose to her feet and strode across the room and stopped in front of the guest of honor. 

“‍‍Quinn, can I talk to you for a minute?” Tina asked. Quinn nodded. “Alone?” Tina added. A look of surprise appeared on her face, but she nonetheless excused herself, and followed the other younger girl into the next room. 

“What are you doing with Artie?” She asked. 

“I think it’s pretty obvious,” Quinn told the younger girl, with a confused expression. “We are having a baby together.” 

She placed her hand on her only slightly protruding baby bump.  

“Oh please,” Tina responded. “There’s more to it than that! I know you’ve got ulterior motives. What’s your angle?”

“I don’t have an agile,” Quinn said firmly. 

“You forget who you’re talking to, Quinn. I know you! You always have an angle,” Tina lashed out. “I watched you go from guy to guy in high school and college, looking for someone who would bring you the status you wanted, and provide the unconditional love that you never got from your father. But, when you realized that they didn’t love you like that, or you got bored with them, you spit them out and moved on.  

“I’m not going to sit idly by and watch you do that to Artie! You’re just using him to get what you want. My question is, what exactly is that? Is this just about having a baby? You could have done that with any of the guys you’ve dated and spit out over the years. I won’t let you hurt him! He’s my best friend, and I know him better than anyone else. He’s a great guy, but a terrible boyfriend, and I know he would never satisfy you long term.” 

“And you’re basing this on what?” Quinn retorted, angrily. “Your own failed relationship with him? You dumped him… TWICE!” She almost added cheating on him both times, but Tina would have thrown her relationships with Finn and Sam back at her, so she didn’t; “And for your information, Artie has been one of my most supportive friends through all of that, good times and bad!

“I’m not the same girl I was in high school!” Quinn Continued. “That was a long time ago. I would never treat Artie that way!”

“Until you get bored of him, or he doesn’t give you enough attention,” Tina responded. “It will happen, Quinn. Trust me, I know you! And I know him! He ignored me for months … for a freaking video game.”

“Okay Tina,” Quinn responded, angrily. “That’s enough! I’m so tired of hearing that excuse for your breakup. You’ve been perpetuating that lie, and the one about him dumping you over your fake stutter, for years! It’s time for a reality check. 

“After Beth was born and adopted, Puck dropped any illusions of loving and wanting to be with me.  Finn was with Rachel and still deeply upset with me; and Santana was  busy getting her boob job, and along with most of my other friends completely ostracized me. The rest of you were all too preoccupied with your own lives to think much about me.

“I fell into a deep postpartum depression where I didn’t want to leave my house or even get out of bed. Mercedes wanted to help but didn’t know what to do. Artie camped out at my house, and held my hand, hugged me, let me cry on his shoulder, and listened to me talk about how much I missed her and how guilty I felt giving her up; and how I had treated everyone else, especially Finn. 

“He hardly ever left my side. I slept a lot, and when I did, he played the X-Box he brought with him instead of leaving so that he would be there when I woke up. When I finally did get out of bed he still stuck with me every step of my recovery. He did this for almost the entire summer. 

“It was only through his help that I was able to start living my life again. I will forever be grateful for his love and support.  Because of him, I managed to snap out of my funk, lose the baby weight, and return to some semblance of normalcy by fall; something I doubt I would have been able to do otherwise.”

Tina gave her a confused look 

“Oh, and he didn’t distance himself from you because he was playing video games,” Quinn added. “He may have let you believe that, but he did it because you were smothering him from Asian Camp 100 miles away!”

“-No I wasn’t,” Tina interrupted.

“Yes you were! I was there!” Quinn exclaimed. “He told me so, and showed me most of your texts and his call log. My God, Tina, one day you messaged him over fifty times! Eventually he got tired of reading your mundane and passive aggressive texts, and silenced his phone.” 

Tina just stood there stunned. “I… I don’t understand,” Tina said, “if that’s what was going on, why didn’t he just tell me?”

“Because if I had,” Artie, who had heard the commotion, and rolled into the room, responded for her, “you wouldn’t have been able to resist telling Kurt and/or Mercedes, and before long the entire Glee Club would have found out, and shortly thereafter the rest of the school. Just like with her pregnancy.”

Their shouting had drawn the attention of the rest of the people in the other room, several of whom had come to investigate. Off to the side of the room, Kurt and Mercedes each bowed their heads in shame because they knew he was right. They really did love to gossip back then. Blaine put his hand on Kurt’s shoulder in comfort.

“You talked about her pregnancy too!” Tina retorted, desperately.

“AFTER it was already out,” he told her. “I knew about it for weeks before the rest of you, and kept my mouth shut. Quinn’s image was extremely important to her, and I knew that if word of what she was going through leaked out, she might never have bounced back.”

“Why would she tell you before the rest of us?” Tina wanted to know, still not believing what she was hearing.

“Artie and I have been friends since we were five years old, Tina,” Quinn told her. “We kind of drifted apart after I moved to Fairbrook, but when I needed someone to confide in, who I knew I could trust not to use it against me, he was first on my list.”

Quinn walked over and sat down on his lap, making Tina noticeably uncomfortable.

“You don’t know a thing about Quinn’s and my relationship,” Artie said, “and I know I can speak for both of us when I ask you to kindly butt out!  You’ve meddled in every major relationship I’ve had since you, and I won’t tolerate it anymore. If you can’t be supportive of us, then we don’t want you here.”

Tina stiffened her expression, did an about face, and marched out of the room. Mike gave them an apologetic look and followed his wife out. 

# # # #

Later that evening, Artie and Quinn were in bed talking. 

“What did you mean when you said that Tina meddled in every major relationship you’ve had?” Quinn asked.

“Mostly I was talking about Kitty,” Artie told her, sighing. “Although I’ve always suspected that she had a hand in some of my other breakups, which often happened shortly after the girls met Tina.  

“Tina never liked Kitty. She hadn’t liked Marley or Unique either, because she got it into her head that, when Rachel graduated, she would be the female star of the New Directions. She saw all of them as competition that jeopardized that.  They fought quite often. 

“When Kitty and I got together, it took a lot of people by surprise; Tina especially. Kitty was reluctant to take our relationship public at first, so against my wishes, Tina publicly embarrassed her about it. Ostensibly she did it to protect me, but really she did it just to gaslight her. It blew up her face when Kitty confessed her feelings, and agreed to be my girlfriend in front of the entire club. Tina was pissed!”

Quinn nodded. She’d heard about the incident through the grapevine. Tina had really turned into a bitch after Mike had graduated and she’d dumped him.

“When I graduated,” Artie continued, “I had every intention of maintaining a long distance relationship with Kitty. She’d agreed to one from the get go because we didn’t start dating until April, and I was graduating in June. But Tina convinced me to break up with her because it wasn’t fair to her, using the many failed post graduation relationships in glee club as evidence to support her argument. I didn’t want to do it, but eventually she managed to get me to see it her way, and I broke up with Kitty a few days before moving to New York for college. 

“It was arguably the biggest mistake in my life to that point,” he continued. “It was one of the very few times I ever saw Kitty cry. When we came back a year and a half later, she was still angry and very bitter at all of us, but me especially.” Quinn nodded, remembering that day on the football field when the two of them, along with Brittany and Santana had tried to recruit some cheerleaders and football players into the newly reformed New Directions, only to be ambushed by Kitty. “It took awhile for us to become cordial again, and we spent some time at Brittany and Santana’s engagement party and several hours afterward getting everything out in the open, and agreeing to try to be friends again. 

“Kitty was, and probably still is, a very guarded person, and as it turned out that she actually secretly liked me for months before we got closer during the school shooting, and later when she conspired with mom to get me to get up the courage to accept my acceptance into film school in New York. Getting together officially during the first glee club Beatles week was mostly a formality, because we both knew that we liked each other. 

“When I broke up with her, it traumatized and scarred her deeply. It took a lot of time and apologizing on my part, but we were just finally getting back to the point of being close friends again at Brittany and Santana’s wedding. I found out later that she was almost ready to try dating again, but I didn’t see the signals that she was sending me. 

“As you may have heard, Tina proposed to Mike before the wedding and he turned her down flat,” Quinn nodded, inwardly cursing the Yale professor who would not work with her over the group project date that had prevented her from attending the wedding of four of her closest friends. “A couple days later the two of us were commiserating when I got the bright idea to enter into one of those ‘if neither of us are married in ten years’ agreements, which she readily agreed to.” Quinn and Artie both shook their heads at that. “My only excuse is temporary insanity, because I was feeling sorry for myself there, and so was she. We both went back to our colleges, and I mostly forgot about it. 

“After Kitty graduated from McKinley, we decided to try dating again. She moved to New York, and we were happy together for a while.  But eventually we had an argument about her career – she turned down a role in a film I was doing because I had originally intended the role for Mercedes, who couldn’t do it because she was on the World Tour with Beyoncé. 

“Eventually I cast Tina in the role, and during the time we spent together working on the film she convinced me to completely break up with Kitty and be with her; maybe even move the timeline of our ten year agreement – which I had almost completely forgotten about – up a few years. Tina and I dated for about two years until Mike came calling, shortly after Rachel won her first Tony, and you know the rest….”

Quinn did indeed know the rest. Tina dumped Artie again. Mike and Tina had begun dating shortly thereafter, and were engaged a few months after that.  They had married after less than a year of being back together, and were now raising three children on the east coast.

“Do you still have regrets about breaking up with Kitty?” Quinn asked. “Is it possible that you still harbor feelings for her?”

Artie looked at Quinn, seeing where she was going with this.

“I have a lot of regrets in life,” he told her. “I think we all do. But the past is the past. We can’t go back and change it, no matter how much we may want to. I regret how much I hurt her, and I’ll probably always have some feelings for Tina, and Kitty, much as I’m sure you always will for Finn, and possibly Puck.” Quinn nodded. “But it’s in the past, and best left there.

“I’d rather focus on the future, and that little bundle of joy inside of your abdomen.” They smiled at each other and she leaned in and kissed his cheek.

She lay her head on his chest and a few minutes later they both drifted off to sleep. 

# # # # #

Author’s Note: Everyone have your tissues? I know I do, even after just proofreading this for publication!