Quartie Ever After (Cast)

Quartie Eve After

Cast List

Age: Role: Description:
Artie Abrams
(Kevin McHale)
36 Up and coming Hollywood director  
Quinn Fabray
(Dianna Agron)
36 Struggling Hollywood Actress  
Mercedes Jones 36? Famous singer Famous singer and high school friend of Artie and Mercedes
Michael ?? Mercedes’s husband  
Santana Lopez mid 30s Quinn and Artie’s high school friend Aspiring actress/performer, high school friend of Artie and Quinn, married to Brittany Pierce and mother of their twin daughters. Cast as the role of Delia in The Reckoning.
Brittany Pierce Mid 30’s Quinn and Artie’s high school friend

Aspiring dancer and choreographer, high school friend of Artie and Quinn. Married to Santana Lopez and mother to their son. Former girlfriend of Artie’s.

Sam Evans Mid 30’s Quinn and Artie’s high school friend

famous voice actor and friend of Artie, Quinn, and the others. One of Quinn’s ex boyfriends. One of Mercedes’ ex boyfriends

Nancy Abrams   Artie’s mom Artie’s mom, a social worker who specializes in disabilities
James Abrams   Artie’s dad.  
Frances “Franny” Johnson (née Fabray) 41 Quinn’s older sister Quinn’s older sister by 4 ½ years.
Robert Johnson 40’s Franny’s husband

Franny’s husband and the father of her children

Judy Fabray   Quinn’s mom Quinn’s mom. Ex Wife of Russell Fabray
Russell Fabray   Quinn’s dad Quinn’s estranged dad. Ex Husband if Judy.
Antonio Juarez 40’s Hollywood Executive Producer Executive Producer on The Reckoning at Paramount.
  40’s Paramount Executive Paramount Executive called in when word of Quinn and Artie’s relationhip leaks
Linda Schwartz 30’s Hollywood Casting Director Artie’s Casting Director for The Reckoning
Beatrix McLaine 30’s Actress

Former NYADA washout, second choice for the role of Donna in The Reckoning.

Dr. Joseph Roberts 50’s   Quinn and Artie’s doctor.