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This is a listing of all of my fanfic along with links to where you can find it on the Internet. Currently not all stories are on all sites and will probably have the most recent versions first. You can also check out The Status Of My Stories if you are wondering what I m a working on, or look at the Archive of Old Versions if you are interested in the development of a story or looking for something discontinued or the old version of something substantially rewritten.

As you probably know most of my stories are about my favorite couple Kitty and Artie, but I also write ones featuring Artie and Quinn or all three!

NOTE: Stories that are being actively worked on are at the top of the page


  • GLEE: The Lima Story
  • The Wildebrams Season Six
  • Quartie Ever After
  • Assorted Wildebrams
  • Alternate Take Wildebrams
  • The Wildebrams Saga:
    • The Wildebrams Saga: The Ballad of Kitty and Artie
    • The Wildebrams Saga: New Beginnings
    • The Wildebrams Saga: New New Directions
    • The Wildebrams Saga: Wedding Song
    • The Wildebrasms Saga: Homecoming
  • Assorted Quartie
  • One-Shots & Teasers:
    • The Wildebrams One-Shots and Teasers
    • The Quartie One-Shots and Teasers

GLEE: The Lima Story


The Wildebrams Season 6  – The following “fix-fic” is my version of the Glee Season Six that we should have gotten. This means Wildebrams/Kartie endgames as well as some other changes and additions, but also following the show itself. Like Bitterness this series has absolutely nothing to do with any of my other stories. (Formerly: “Wilde Abrams Season 6 One Shots”)

Ch 01 – An Unexpected Reunion [ ] [ ]


In My Arms Again (Somewhere, Somehow) – this was my first Wildebrams story, and is the goodbye for Kitty and Artie that the producers were lazy, or didn’t care enough, to write and film. It also serves as a bridge between The Ballad of Kitty and Artie and Glee: A New Beginning. ] [ ] [ AO3 ] [ ]

An Unexpected TragedyAn Unexpected Tragedy – a small part of an early draft of my version of The Quarterback, released on the one year anniversary of the death of actor Corey Monteith as a sort of mini-tribute. It will be expanded as a chapter of The Ballad of Kitty and Artie. ] [ ] [ AO3 ] [ ]

Nationals Hookup:

[ ] [ ] [ AO3 ] [ ]

The Wildebrams One-Shots and Teasers

[ ] [ ] [ AO3 ] [ ]

Alternate Take Wildebrams:

These are re-tellings of different episodes released as stand alone stories. In most cases these will eventually be adapted into episodes of The Ballad of Kitty and Artie or A New Beginning.

The Day That Evening Changed – When a gunshot is heard at McKinley, everyone is shaken to the core, and things will never be the same again for anyone, especially Kitty Wilde. My take on the episode Shooting Star. A revised version of this will eventually be included in The Ballad of Kitty and Artie, but I keep referring to this in other stories, and and it’s some of my best writing, so I really like what is written and wanted to share. ] [ ] [ AO3 ] [ ]

Passion is Wonder-ful – originally intended to be a chapter of The Ballad of Kitty and Artie. As I wrote other earlier chapters of BKA I found that for various reasons I would need to make changes to the story I had already written to make it fit with the rest of the series. But I am really proud of how this one turned out, so I released it as a stand alone story. When I get to that chapter, I will include a version of this with the necessary changes in BKA. ] [ ] [ AO3 ] [ ]

The Bitterness of Being Left Behind – my conjecture about what happens when former lovers Kitty and Artie encounter each-other a year and a half after their breakup. Set during the season 6 episode Homecoming (6×02). Based upon some early spoilers and doesn’t fit with the actual episode, but I was rather surprised ho well I guessed on some things. THIS STORY HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY OF THE REST OF MY STORIES despite parts of it seeming familiar. ] [ ] [ AO3 ] [ ]

The Wildebrams Saga:

The Wildebrams Saga is a collection of 4 stories that tell the story of Kitty and Artie’s lives and romance.

The Wildebrams Saga Pt 1 – The Ballad of Kitty and Artie

The Ballad of Kitty and Artie  is the first of five parts of my my Wildebrams fanfic saga. It is told mostly from Kitty’s perspective (with about a third from Artie’s) and covers Kitty’s and Artie’s back stories, and tells how she and Artie met and gradually fell in love and started dating during seasons four and the first half of season five of the show. It is a work in progress, but expected to be about 40-42 parts when complete. It will run until just after graduation (New Directions). This story will cover every major and most minor things that happened to Kitty and Artie during her sophomore year and beyond, filling in a lot of holes and attempting to answer a lot of questions. As I write this the story is not yet done but large parts are, and I have a detailed outline. If you have any suggestions or feedback pleased leave them in the comments and I will see what I can do about incorporating them.

[ ] [ ] [ AO3 ] [ ]

Ch 01Backstory[ ] [ ] [ AO3 ] [ ]
Ch 02The New Rachel[ ] [ ] [ AO3 ] [ ]
Ch 03Brittany 20.[ ] [ ] [ AO3 ] [ ]
Ch 04The Makeover[ ] [ ] [ AO3 ] [ ]
Ch 05The Breakup [ ] [ ] [ AO3 ] [ ]
Ch 06The Role You Were Born To Play[ ] [ ] [ AO3 ] [ ]
Ch 07Glease – Pt.1[ ] [ ] [ AO3 ] [ ]
Ch 08Please – Pt. 2[ ] [ ] [ AO3 ] [ ]

The Wildebrams Saga Pt 2 – New Beginnings

New Beginning  is a multiple-part, all new, collection of stories chronicling the fictitious AU season 5B and beyond (Kitty and the others junior and senior years) which the producers didn’t care enough to do. Kitty’s junior year will focus on drama club, she and Artie’s relationship, and getting glee club back.

[ ] [ ] [ AO3 ] [ ]

The Wildebrams Saga Pt 3 – New New Directions

New New Directions is also AU and is more of an ensemble story. It takes place during the 2014-2015 school year (overlaps season 6). Thanks to the efforts of Kitty, Mr. Schue, and the other season 4 newbies, Glee Club is back at McKinley and they have one year to demonstrate the validity of the program or it’s gone for good.  Both sets of newbies (Season 4 and 6) band together, with a few other familiar faces to compete for the National Show Choir title. Along the way they will continue the tradition of weekly glee club lessons and have plenty of drama along the way. I’m hoping to recreate the drama and sense of urgency of season 1. Unlike the show itself, during season 4, I want to really focus on the current gee club members themselves. The Alumni will make a brief appearance at the beginning and at other times as needed. Otherwise we will assume that the alumni are off in the world pursuing their dreams and will only be occasionally mentioned, and only seen if the story really calls for it. Some stories and songs from cannon season 6 will be incorporated into this, but with different characters and plot twists, and songs may be sung by other characters.

[ ] [ ] [ AO3 ] [ ]

The Wildebrams Saga Pt. 4 – Wedding Song

Wedding Song – As the title implies, this story, which is expected to be 8 or 10 chapters will conclude with the wedding of Artie Abrams and Kitty Wilde. It takes place 4 years in the future, after Artie’s high school graduation.

[ ] [ ] [ AO3 ] [ ]

Homecoming (The Wildebrams Saga, Pt. 5)

Homecoming [ still in the planning stages ] – Kitty, Artie, and the rest of the alumni return to Lima for a 10 year all class New Directions Reunion and face a shocking announcement from Mr. Schue, and some life changing decisions for themselves.

[ ] [ ] [ AO3 ] [ ]

Assorted QUARTIE:

Quartie Head-Cannon – The story of Artie and Quinn’s friendship as told by Quinn to Kitty.

[ ] [ ] [ AO3 ] [ ]

One-Shots and Teasers:

Wildebrams One-Shots and Teasers

Quartie One-Shots and Teasers

Recent Posts

Introducing The Abrams Family!

Introducing The Abrams Family!

With the exception if casting Katy Sagal as Artie’s mom, Nancy Abrams, Glee was relatively silent about Artie’s home life other than a reference to his dad’s willingness to drive him to events if they could not get a handicapped capable bus.

I’ve been intentionally vague about Artie’s family in my stories, assuming he was an only child like Kitty because there’s never been any references or hints about any siblings, and Wonder-ful implied that it was just he and his mom. I changed my mind when writing The Wildebrams Season Six, so I have taken the time to create a family for him who will be written into appropriate places in my other stories as they are written and I go back and edit my back catalog so they will remain (relatively) consistent in all of writing.

In doing this I looked for president in other fanfic. Historically in most Artie centric (mostly Quartie) fanfic I’ve read, it had established that everyone in that family had names that started with an A, but that went out the window when Glee canonized his mom as Nancy Abrams. Typically he had one or two younger siblings (a boy and a girl), and occasionally, but not usually an older college age brother. Gigundoly has established the idea of an older sister, and I fell in love with the idea (but I changed the name, personality, and other details, of course!). Continue reading

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