[ Fic-A-Thon ] Unexpected After Prom Bonding

Unexpected After Prom Bonding

The following is another ‘deleted scene’ from Tina In The Sky With Diamonds. It always bugged me that Tina never thanked Kitty for giving her her dress, so I wrote a scene where she did, and of course they had to talk about Artie.  As with these other sneak peeks some variation of this will eventually end up in the full version of this chapter of The Ballad of Kitty and Artie, but I have a feeling this one will be quite different. Hopefully you enjoy this version!

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[ Fic-A-Thon ] Don’t Stop Believin’

The Ballad of Kitty and Artie

Don’t Stop Believin’ [ Bonus Episode ]

By WildeAbrams

Author’s Notes:  This is a chapter of all new material that takes place after Dynamic Duets. It was written to give the Glee Club more time together before Sectionals to make the later cancellation of Glee Club more dramatic. I think it also does a better job of psyching them up for sectionals.

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