I name is Wilde Abrams. I am a major fan of the TV show Glee as well as the characters of Artie Abrams (Kevin McHaile) and Kitty Wilde (Becca Tobin), as well as the actors who portrayed them, both together and as a pairing. I am also a fan fiction author and this site was created to share both my fanfiction and my general musings about Glee.

It was the musical performances that got me interested in the show but the engaging characters as well as the stories and music that kept me watch it until the series ended in March 2015.

my favorite quote from the show is:

Glee by its very nature is about opening yourself up to joy. – The late Lillian Adler

I also like:

Being a part of something special makes you special. -Rachel Berry

As you can tell from that name I am a Glee fan, and a huge fan of the characters of Artie Abrams (Kevin McHaile) and Kitty Wilde (Becca Tobin) and believe that the canonical Kitty Wilde / Artie Abrams (kartie, Wikdebrams WildeAbrams, artitty, or whatever you choose to call it) relationship on the show is on of the best parts of seasons 4 and 5 of the show (and the middle of season 6). I also have a soft spot for Quartie (Quinn and Artie) friendship and possibly more. I really wish he show had developed that more. Diana Argon is seriously talented!

===== Glee Will Never End As Long As We Keep Reading and Writing Fanfic About It! =====

I picked this pen name both because of this and because it’s so cool. I’ve also written stuff for Star Trek and A Walk To Remember, which I may post on here someday. I read all kinds of fanfic though.

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== Ships ==

My OTP: WildeAbrams (Wildebrams/kartie)

Secondary Pairings: Quartie, Rylie, Tike, Quoe, Wemma,

Pairings I Disliked: Klaine, Jarley, Jitty

Pairings I think are cute, but don’t think work long term: Samcedes, Fabevans

Favorite Characters: Finn, Quinn, Artie, Kitty, Marley, Ryder, Mercedes

Former Favorite Characters (due to crappy writing): Tina

Least Favorite Characters: Puck, Jake, Unique, Rachel, Santana

Characters I Wish Were Developed More: Puck, Marlry, Ryder, Lauren, Brittany

== My OTP ==

Artie and Kitty are an epic couple in the sense that their relationship was built by the writers over the period of a year before bringing them together officially on screen. How much of that was preplanned, and how much of it was their writing to the characters obvious chemistry we may never know. But to we the viewers it does not really matter, because its just as enjoyable. You would need to be blind not to see the mutual attraction between them long before Love, Love, Love or even Wonder-ful.

For the record I saw Artie and Kitty happening long before the Guilty Pleasures episode  and honestly I think before Dynamic Duets. There was a connection of sorts all the way back in The New Rachel. On the surface they don’t seem to fit, but as you look at their histories and what happened during Kitty’s Sophmore year they make a lot of sense.

Unfortunately, despite what Ian Brennon said in an interview back in February 2014, the producers chose not to keep them together after he graduated, nor did they give the characters relationship real closure. We the viewers are left to just assume that they broke up off screen. I personally don’t accept that, and have been inspired to write about this amazing couple.

== My View of Fanfic ==

The role of the fanfiction author is to explore the characters in new and exciting ways. Sometimes this is through creating original stories featuring the existing characters and possibly including new ones. But other times stories based upon the existing plots of the show or movie are used as jumping off points. Glee has had so many story lines that were started and then dropped inexplicably, or were not given a proper resolution that it’s ripe with opportunities for this. I tend to use a combination of the two. It is our duty as fanfic writers to answer them for our own enjoyment as well as that of others. I’m trying to weave some of these things together and provide some answers and resolutions. Here and there you will see things connected for other people as well.

Glee has been criticized because the new characters supposedly didn’t gel as well as the original cast. I don’t really agree, but if there is any truth to it, it is because of the producers tendency to come up with any excuse they could to bring back the alumni, and downplay the new cast. Often they just sat there, or in one case, several of them were completely written out of an episode (“I Do”). I’m not going to make that mistake here and the Alumni will be used only when the story really calls it (or they actually appeared in the episode). Otherwise the stories will center on the McKinley set group.

=== Fan Fiction Guide ===

With a couple exceptions, all of my stories fit together into one long story arc. Also, for the most part, they are all what I like to call ‘cannon compliant’ which means that with a few small exceptions, they add to, but do not contradict what we saw and heard on the show.

In my opinion, Glee ‘jumped the shark’ after they discontinued Glee Club. For that reason, for the purpose of my stories, everything that happened after New York, New York (with the exception of Opening Night) is not accepted as cannon. Artie went on a few dates in college, but did not hook up with his classmates (or contract an STD), and no one turned their backs and gave up on their lifelong dreams for no logical reason.

To learn more about my specific writings, please visit my Fanfic page. To learn more about how they all fit together and fit into the Glee cannon, please view my Timeline page. For updates on the status of these stories, please visit the Story Status Page.

Thanks for checking out my site! Have fun!