TEASER: BKA – Sadie Hawkins

I’m sorry faithful readers, but once again I have failed to have anything new to publish, and I’m out of complete scenesc from the Seson 6 One Shots collection.  But rather than not give you anything, I dug into the archives  and found this added scene (and the ones that fed into it) from the unpublished chapter Sadie Hawkins from The Ballad of Kitty and Artie.  Artie isn’t actually in this piece, but it helped me make sense of the Kitty and Puck “relationship” so I could sleep at night (it majorly creeped me out). Fair warning, this is mid season 4 Kitty, so she’s not a very nice person yet, and Puck is well…Puck. Continue reading

EDITORIAL: They Are Just Fictional Characters…

They Are Just Fictional Characters…

They are just fictional characters. I never thought I would actually say that, at least not publicly, because on the surface it feels like I’m minimizing people’s perfectly valid feelings. But the events of the last 12 hours have shown me that some people in the Glee Fandom need a serious reality check.

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TEASER: Kitty Arrives At The Brittanna Wedding

I was really hoping to have something ready to publish this weekend, but unfortunately work (inventory, UGH!) and the holiday weekend interfered, so rather than leave my loyal readers abandoned, I am going to share with you all another scene from the unfinished season six wedding episode.  Enjoy! 🙂

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