Mark Salling is Dead…

Mark Salling is Dead… And I’m Surprisingly Okay With It…

Like many of the rest of you, my thoughts have been reeling for the past couple days over the suicide of Glee actor Mark Salling. His passing has definitely strewn up a lot of uncomfortable, conflicting emotions for all of us.

This is caused largely by the fact that most people have a real problem separating the actor the person from the character they play, and from the public persona that they project. I’ve blogged about this before. This is particularly evident with people like Mark who are apparently quite a bit different in real life than what we think they are.

Mark’s character Noah “Puck” Puckerman was never one of my favorite characters. But he was one of Glee’s more popular characters especially in the first couple of seasons. He was a very talented actor and musician. Many people looked up to him. His passing has stirred up a lot of emotions in people in the Glee fandom.

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Several Glee Project Contenders Cast as Recurring Regular and Recurring Characters in The Wildebrams Saga!

Once upon a time Ryan, Ian, and Brad created Glee, a show about (mostly) outcast students who were members of the New Directions glee club at William McKinley High School in Lima Ohio. The show as super popular, but they realized that they could not have the same actors playing the same characters forever. They had to graduate eventually, and part of the appeal of the existing cast was that they were relatively unknown actors, and they utilized traits of the actual actors in the characters that they played making them more real.

Season One was lightening in a bottle, and almost all of the cast proved to be loved by the fans, and came back for season 2 (poor Matt!). However, some of the actors hired to supplement the cast during season two didn’t go over as well as they had hoped, so they decided to hire people that were not regular actors at all and write characters around them. Ryan, along with Casting Director Robert Ulrich decided to open up casting to literally the entire world through an online audition process, and large open casting cals in several American cities; and The Glee Project was born.

If you’re not that familiar with The Glee Project, you’re not alone. I had heard of it, but didn’t really know much about it until I managed to find the episodes online a while back and did some reading on it.

Robert and his entire staff combed through all of the audition videos submitted online or recorded at the casting sessions, and selected 70 odd people to fly in for an in person audition. Over the period of two days, Robert, Zach Woodly (choreographer), Brooke Lipton (asst choreographer), Nikki Anders (vocal producer), and Brad Ellis (on camera accompaniest) worked with them to see what they could do in group sessions and as indivduals. Robert, Zach, and Nikki selected 25 people to perform for Ryan Murphy, who further cut the group down to 12 individuals who would be in the show.

Each season lasted 11 episodes (a casting special, nine lesson weeks, and a finale). Each weekly lesson was focused around a theme such as Individuality, Tenacity, Actability, or Sexuality.

The performers would be given about a day to rehearse before preforming a “homework assignment” group number that they had to organize and choreograph on their own for Robert and a “guest mentor” from the Glee cast. The guest mentor would then critique the performance as a whole, as well as individual performers, and select a “winner” who would win a standout role in the main assignment for the week as well as an individual mentoring session with the guest mentor.

They would then be introduced to the main assignment for the week which was a music video inspired by the performances on Glee. Then they were off to choreography with Zach and/or Brooke, followed by vocal sessions in the recording booth with Nikki, both of whom would work with them to improve there performances. When that was done they would report to the music video shoot with the famous music video director Eric White who, along with Robert, Zack, and Nikki would coach the contenders and observe the process.

Following the completion of the music vide shoot the contenders would line up on stage and have their performances during the week critiqued, and they would be informed who was immediately ‘called back’ for the following week based upon their performances during the week. The three contenders who seemed to struggle the most during the week were selected to perform ‘Last Chance Performances’ later that night for Ryan, who would select one contender to be ‘not called back’ and therefor be sent home. The mentors would assign a song for the contender to perform solo (a couple times there were duets), supposedly to help the contender show them something about themselves that they hadn’t shown yet (though that wasn’t always the case in practice) and they were given two hours to rehearse.

Following their performances Ryan, Robert, Zach (and Nikki during season 2) would critique the performances and discuss the week with the contender. Once the contenders left, the three of them would discuss everything and Ryan would make his decision. 

As originally intended the 12 contenders would be eliminated one by one until there was only one left, and that person would win a minimum seven episode arc on Glee, a recording contract, and the ability to tour. But they changed the rules as they went. Most weeks one person was sent home, but there were also times when two would go, or all of them would be surprisingly called back.

During season one, Ryan and Ian Brennan could not make up their minds, and selected two winners and two runners up. The winners were Samuel Larson and Damien McGinty, who you probably recognize as Joe “Teen Jesus” Hart, and foreign exchange student Rory “Irish” Flanagan. The runners up were Alex Newel (Wade “Unique” Adams), and Lindsay Pierce (Harmony aka “The Gerber Baby”). The winners won the promised seven episodes, but ended up doing many more.  The two runners up were awarded 2 episodes each, though Alex was brought back as a regular in season four of Glee.

All in all it was a very successful season. The Glee Project was renewed for a second season, but this time the produces at Oxygen told Ryan that he absolutely had to select only one winner this time. The whole process started all over again and even more people were auditioned; and the final cut was 14 contenders instead of 12. There were even more truly talented people who could have easily had a role on Glee in one form or another, but unfortunately Ryan was forced to choose only one: Blake Jenner, who ended up portraying Ryder Lynn. There was no official runner up, but one of the final three Ali Stroker was later cast as Artie’s wheelchair bound hookup Betty Pillsbury on one episode.

Both seasons of The Glee Project were full of talented and memorable personalities, but unfortunately none of the rest of them were seen on glee (except two — Elis and Dani — who appeared as non speaking extras).

One of the reasons that I don’t create a lot of original characters is that I take a lot of my inspiration as a writer from the performance of the character in the show itself and the real life actor who portrayed them. This obviously doesn’t exist with completely original characters. After watching both seasons of The Glee Project through twice, I began to see how many of these people could have fit into the show, and was inspired to create characters for them. In some cases I envisioned them portraying characters I had already created, and in others I created completely new characters for them.

The following is a list of the Glee Project contenders who will appear in The Wildebrams Saga stories in some form:

  • Blake Jenner (TGP2 Winner) will continue to portray Ryder Lynn in all of the installments 
  • Ali Stroker (TGP2 Runner Up) will reprise her role as Betty Pillsbury in New Beginnings and New New Directions, when her character transfers to McKinley against her wishes
  • Alex Newel (TGP Runner Up) will continue to play Unique up through New New Directions when she is set to graduate
  • Samuel Larson (TGP Winner) will continue to play Joe Hart until his character graduates at the end of New Beginnings
  • Damien McGinty (TGP Winner) will make a guest appearance in the Christmas episode of The Ballad of Kitty and Artie, and may show later up as his character Rory Flanagan if it fits a story, but Glee had him return to Ireland after season 3
  • Aylin (TGP2) will play Kitty’s friend and later nemesis cheerleader Celeste Green, originally introduced in my version of The New Rachel, through New New Directions
  • Shanna Henderson (TGP2) will play Kitty’s friend and later nemesis cheerleader Suzanne Martin, originally introduced in my version of The New Rachel, through New New Directions 
  • Marissa von Bleiken (TGP) will play the mentioned, but never seen cheerleader Missy Gunderson through New New Directions
  • Michael Weisman (TGP2) will portray the original character Brian, a male cheerleader
  • Hannah McLalwin (TGP) will portray Tabitha, a drama club member
  • Lily Mae Harrington (TGP2) will portray Samantha Hughes, a new member of The New Directions in New New Directions
  • Nellie Veitenheimer (TGP2) will portray Tamara Watson, a (former) cheerleader
  • Abraham Lim (TGP2) will play a yet to be named rival glee club lead

Other characters based upon characters from either season of TGP could possibly show up as well if it seems to fit a story.

What do you think? Did your favorite TGP Contender make the cut?

Are there any other TGP Contenders that you’d like to see?

Let me know!

[ ANNOUNCEMENT ] Presenting: The Wildebrams Saga

Presenting: The Wildebrams Saga

As many of you know, my multi-chapter Wildebrams stories The Ballad of Kitty and Artie, A New Beginning, and Wedding Song are one continuous story. To help clarify and promote this, I have decided to retitle these existing stories under the name The Wildebrams Saga.

Effective immediately, The Ballad of Kitty And Artie and Wedding Song are re-titled The Wildebrams Saga 1: The Ballad of Kitty and Artie and The Wildebrams Saga 4: Wedding Song.

I’m also announcing 3 additional parts of the saga, the first chapters of which will appear in the next few weeks.

The Wildebrams Saga is:

The Wildebrams Saga 1: The Ballad of Kitty and Artie

This is a retelling of the 2012-2013 school year (seasons 4 and 5a), and will tell the story of how Kitty and Artie met and fell in love. There will be a chapter for each episode, along with several “bonus episodes”. (Table of Contents)

The Wildebrams Saga 2: New Beginnings

This story is AU and takes place during the 2013-2014 school year (overlaps season 5b) and tells what happens during Kitty’s sophomore year when she is separated from Artie and there is no Glee Club at McKinley, and Artie’s freshman year in college. With Glee Club gone our heroes are forced to find their bearings again so they can navigate the complicated waters of high school and figure out how to get their glee club back. Meanwhile Artie navigates college life and figures out what he is going to do without his love Kitty around. [ This is a rewrite of my current story A New Beginning. Because it is being changed so much, it’s going to be a totally new publication instead of an in place replacement of the older story. ]

The Wildebrams Saga 3: New New Directions

This is also AU and is more of an ensemble story. It takes place during the 2014-2015 school year (overlaps season 6). Thanks to the efforts of Kitty, Mr. Schue, and the other season 4 newbies, Glee Club is back at McKinley and they have one year to demonstrate the validity of the program or its gone for good. Both sets of newbies (Season 4 and 6) band together, with a few other familiar faces to compete for the National Show Choir title. Along the way they will continue the tradition of weekly glee club lessons and have plenty of drama along the way. I’m hoping to recreate the drama and sense of urgency of season 1. Unlike the show itself, during season 4, I want to really focus on the current gee club members themselves. We will assume that the alumni are off in the world pursuing their dreams and will only be occasionally mentioned, and only seen if the story really calls for it. [ I had originally intended this to be the later chapters of A New Beginning, but the more I thought about it the more apparent it was that it deserved to be a separate story. ]

The Wildebrams Saga 4: Wedding Song

This story is also AU and takes place 2 years after New New Directions. Artie is about to graduate from college and Kitty is finishing up her sophomore year (Spring/Summer of 2017). Four years after they began dating, Kitty and Artie prepare to take the next step in their relationship and Artie is offered a tempting opportunity. As the title implies, this story will include the wedding of Kitty Wilde to Artie Abrams. (Table of Contents)

The Wildebrams Saga 5: Homecoming

Ten years after the original glee kids graduated (2022), Mr Schue holds an All Glee Club reunion. Kitty, Artie, and the rest of the alumni return to McKinley and catch up on where they are in life.

At the current time, this is where I intend the saga to end, burn who knows what might happen in the future.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Wilde Abrams ( May 2016 )



(A rewrite and expansion of A New Beginning)

By WildeAbrams

With the next few weeks I will begin publishing an almost complete rewrite of this story which was first published over a year ago, but was never finished.

First, let me give you some background explanation. Two and a half years ago when I started writing Glee fanfic, I was a very angry Glee fan. To me, the best part of glee, on top of all of the compelling characters, was the glee club itself. But, in the middle of season 5 the writers, in a knee-jerk reaction to the death of Cory Monteith, decided to take Glee in a completely different direction, ending the glee club in Lima storyline and writing anyone not in New York out completely, and in the process made it not feel like Glee anymore.

When RIB created Glee they didn’t plan ahead and put everyone in the same grade. As a result, everyone was set to graduate at the end of season 3. They realized this at the beginning of season 3 and Artie, Tina, Blaine, and Sam abruptly got demoted a grade, even though they had always been shown in the same classes as the others, and Blaine had been introduced the year before as an older mentor / love interest for Kurt. They also introduced several new characters at McKinley: Sugar Motta, Rory Flanigan, and Joe Hart. In addition, they also established Harmony and Wade “Unique” Adams as guest stars, clearly positioning them to transfer to McKinley the following fall. Unfortunately none of these really captured the hearts and interest of most fans. They filled out the glee club roster, but it didn’t change the fact that the most popular characters were graduating, even though the actors were still under contract for another year.

Legend has it that RIB had plans for a spin-off of Glee (Glee: New York, Glee: The College Years, or something to that effect) where they wanted to explore the lives of the alumni after graduation. But due to costs, slipping ratings, and the fact that those types of shows just weren’t that successful most of the time, Fox rejected the idea. So they were left with a bunch of characters that didn’t fit into the show format anymore.

So, starting with season 4, Glee was split in half and became two distinct parts of the same show. The most popular characters Rachel, Kurt, and Santana ventured out into the world of New York and pursued their dreams, and plans were made to write the other alumni in where they could.

The underclassmen, meanwhile, stayed in Lima and began another school year. Artie,Tina, Sam, and Blaine became the senior members of the club, joined by Brittany, who it was revealed in the end of season 3 was failing her classes and didn’t graduate, so she came back as a second year Senior. As expected, Unique transferred to McKinley, but Harmony did not. But, the character of Rory – my personal favorite of the season 3 newbies – was written out for some reason.

Several new characters were also introduced in Lima: Marley Rose, an insecure wallflower who wanted to sing songs on the radio; Jake Puckerman, Noah Puckerman’s younger black half brother; Kitty Wilde, a mean head cheerleader type who was a cross between Quinn and Santana (but there was more to her character than originally seen); and Ryder Lynn, a relatable ‘regular Joe’ type who was also dyslexic. All of these were recruited into the New Directions within the first few episodes.

Also returning were Sugar and Joe, but neither got any significant storylines and disappeared for entire episodes with no explanation, unless they were needed to fill up the choir room or for a performance.

The other alumni: Mercedes, Mike, and Quinn, were written into either storyline where ever they could make them fit, and the New Yorkers returned to Lima a few times each.

Finn, meanwhile, washed out of the army and continued to feel lost. After briefly checking with Rachel and Kurt in New York, he came back to Lima a few episodes into the season and Artie convinced him to help direct the fall musical. Mr. Schue saw a lot of himself in Finn, and how directing gave him his confidence and sense of purpose back so he recruited him to run glee club while he went to Washington to advocate for arts in education. In the process, Finn discovered that he wanted to be a teacher. He started college locally and was going to work alongside Schue to get college credit for it. Eventually, once Rachel achieved all of her dreams she was supposed to return home in the series finale in a full circle kind-of thing and tie the whole thing up in a nice little bow.

Unfortunately the tragic and untimely death of Cory put a damper on that. Cory had experienced issues with substance abuse off and on for his adult lifetime. During the final weeks of the filming of season four these demons reared their ugly heads again, and Ryan told Cory to check into rehab and get better. As a result Finn was written out of the final two episodes of season four, but his sudden disappearance was never explained. Cory’s stint in rehab seemed to have been a success and he was back with the cast for the season five photo shoot in June. Three weeks later just weeks before they were ready to begin shooting season five, Cory was found dead in his hotel room of a heroin overdose. His time in rehab had reduced his tolerance for the drug and the dose he had been using before was now toxic to him.

Obviously everyone who knew and loved Cory and Finn were in shock. A private memorial service for him was held on the Paramount lot. The cast and crew delayed the beginning of shooting of season five for a month while they took time to mourn. A number of things were considered, but ultimately it was decided that the Finn character should be killed off and a new episode would be written about his death. In the meantime the two episode Beatles tribute, which was already written and in pre production was filmed.

Then the new episode, entitled The Quarterback, was written and filmed. Most of the original cast came back for it. Instead of delving into a plot about the circumstances of his passing, they chose to focus on paying tribute to him in song and story. In fact the circumstances of his death were not touched on at all, other than that it was sudden. That episode was moving and powerful and drew tears from anyone who saw it, and the tears shed by the cast on screen were real. Joaquin Seido, the Director of Photography said it was the hardest thing he had ever had to shoot. Virtually every scene was filmed in one take because the cast and crew had a hard time keeping it together. The tears they shed were for Cory not just Finn.

After that episode the cast and crew took a break and the show took its first hiatus early while they began rewriting the rest of the episodes in pre production. The first half of season five had its good and bad moments, but you can really tell what episodes were written after Cory passed away, because it was painfully apparent that the writers had given up.

Apparently, just before the filming of the nationals episode, the season 4 newbies (Melissa, Blake, Alex, Jacob, and Becca) were called into Ryan’s office and informed that after episode 13, the show was switching to an all New York format and that even though they were series regulars that season, their services were no longer required. Ouch!

When the news of this broke Ian Brennan was asked in an interview weather we might see any of the newbies in New York and he said that since Kitty and Artie were still together long distance that we might see her once before the end of the season. Reportedly Becca was told something similar, because she said in an interview that she might be back one more time. Of course that didn’t happen and each week they mocked us by listing the newbies in the credits each week.

On the show itself, even though the New Directions performed one of the most impressive set lists in the history of the show, they came in second at Nationals, and Sue made due on her threat and cancelled Glee Club. Inexplicably, after only a half hearted attempt to salvage it, with help from April Rhodes and Holly Holiday, Schue gave up and brought back the alumni to say goodbye before moving everyone else to New York or elsewhere.

I was furious, but held out hope until I saw Transitioning where they made Artie into a player and had him apparently forget about Kitty. I was angry not only about how they characterized Artie, but also that they didn’t even give us a proper breakup scene or explanation for ending an otherwise healthy relationship. In response I wrote a one shot story called In My Arms Again (Somewhere, Somehow). It got decent reviews and the early leaked info indicated that season 6 would also be all New York, or at least not Lima.

I began writing Glee: A New Beginning to be an alternate season 5b/6 to give my favorite characters a happy ending. I eventually got inspired to do other stories and this one fell by the wayside and was eventually abandoned. In the time since then my writing has improved and what I want this sorry to be has significantly evolved, so rather than continue from where I left off, I am doing a complete rewrite. Most of what was in the old version will still be there, but in a better form and structure. This story, while still centering on Kitty and Artie, is going to be much more of an ensemble piece. It’s also being broken into two separate stories:

New Beginnings overlaps season 5 B and tells the story of how Artie and Kitty get back together and get glee club back. In this version Marley, Ryder, Jake, and Unique don’t transfer out and I will also be introducing the McCarthy twins from season 6, and possibly one other newbie, and bring back a few other familiar faces.

NEW New Directions overlaps season 6 and brings back the energy and urgency of season 1, along with the weekly lessons. Glee Club is back, but only on a trial basis. If they win or place at Nationals then the club is back permanently. If not, it’s gone for good. This season will feature all of the season 4 and remainder of the season 6 newbies, with the exception of Myron. The two sets of newbies will band together to form the new glee club with a common goal. Unlike season 4 on the show only a few of the alumni will appear (Artie, Mercedes, and Mike are planned) but only where the story calls for them. I really want the two sets of newbies to stand on their own. Rachel and the remaining alumni will be mentioned from time to time, but we will assume that they are off in New York and elsewhere pursuing their dreams.

Both stories will be incorporated into The Wildebrams Saga as parts 2 and 3. Watch my website WildeAbrams dot com for more information coming soon.

Please add me as a subscribed author on so that you know when each piece becomes available.

Wilde Abrams

Spring 2016

[ FANFIC ] An Unexpected Broadway Visitor

[ FANFIC ] An Unexpected Broadway Visitor (6×13)

By Wilde Abrams

== Richard Rogers Auditorium, New York – Late Spring 2020

Michael Chang entered the vast Broadway auditorium and found his way to his seat near the center and only a handful of rows beyond the orchestra pit. He hoped that the extra expense he’s incurred in getting such a good seat would make it easier for him to spot the person he’d been looking for, the person he’s come all the way to New York to see, in the hopes that she would be able to help him win back the heart of the love of his life.

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EDITORIAL: So Ashamed of Mark Salling!

I am so disgusted, disappointed, and angry at Mark Salling!

Two days ago on December 30, the Glee Fandom, along with the rest of the Internet was shocked to the core when actor Mark Salling, who played the character of Noah ‘Puck’ Puckerman was arrested for possession of child pornography.

Following the report of an ex girlfriend, authorities exercised a search warrant on his home and found over a thousand (some reports are saying 2,000) images of children “significantly younger than 15-16 in sexually compromising situations” on his computer. [ Update: they were actually under ten years old, that was just the legal wording of the charge. ] His other electronic devices were also confiscated to be searched. Typical of celebrities, he has already been released until his january court date. He was arrested amount 9AM local time and posted bail around 2:30 PM the same day. Since there are more than 600 image, he is facing 5 years in prison or more.

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[ Fic-A-Thon ] Slumber Party Girl Talk

Wilde Abrams One Shots and Teasers

Slumber Party Girl Talk

(Takes place during the Billy Joel episode)

Marley, Kitty, Tina, and Unique lay in a circle on the floor of Kitty’s bedroom. Marley was in tears and Tina and Unique had their arms around Marley’s shoulder in an attempt to offer comfort.

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[ Fic-A-Thon ] An Unexpected Reunion

An Unexpected Reunion (Homexoming (6×02)

UPDATE: With the text revision of Wildebrams Season Six (Wilde Abrams Seaaon Six One Shots) in September 2015 this chapter got a significant rewrite to make it fit better with the rest of the overall season. But I’m also proud of this version, so I am including it here. The original version of this, along with the other chapters will also be made available on my website under Fanfic Archives.

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