Master Character Lists:

The following pages list the characters in my stories

Abbreviation: Description: Timeline: Note:
TWS The Wildebrams Saga 2012-2022  
BKA The Ballad of Kitty and Artie 2012-2013 Glee Seasons 4 and 5a
NB New Beginnings 2013-2014 Glee Season 5b Timeframe
NND New New Directions 2014-2015 Alternate Glee Season 6 Timeframe
WS Wedding Song 2017 Artie’s College Graduation
HC Homecoming 2022 Glee All Class Reunion
ANB A New Beginning 2013 Early Draft/Alternate Version of NB
TDEC The Day That Everything Changed 2013 An alternate version of the episode Shooting Star
PIW Passion is Wonder-ful 2013 An alternate version of the episode Wonder-ful
QH Quartie Headcannon Mostly Pre Series The story of Quinn and Artie’s friendship from childhood to present, as told to Kitty by Quinn.
QEA Quartie Ever After c.2028-29 Adult Quinn and Artie are living in LA and decide to have a child together following Beth’s HS graduation.
 FULL Full Cast List n/a An alphabetical list of all character pages.