Archives – Older Drafts of Stories:

This is is where I keep old versions of stories or scenes that have undergone a significant rewrite with the text replaced on the regular fanfic websites. I don’t necessarily recommend reading these but they are preserved here in case anyone is interested.

A New Beginning (deprecated):

  1. About: “A New Beginning”
  2. A New Beginning (Original Text)
  3. A New Beginning (First Revised Text)
  4. A New Beginning (Final Version, with announcement)

The Ballad of Kitty and Artie (original versions):

They were all written back in 2014-2015, but “refreshed” with better writing and more material in the spring of 2021

  1. Backstory
  2. The New Rachel (4×01)
  3. Brittany 2.0 (4×02)
  4. The Makeover (4×03)
  5. The Breakup (4×04)
  6. The Role You Were Born To Play (4×05)

The Wildebrams Season Three (depreciated):

While writing the wedding chapters of The Wildebrams Season Six, I had a character make an off handed comment to Kitty about how she wished she had been with them when they won Nationals in season three. The idea kind of just wouldn’t die and in the spring of 2022 I began fleshing out the idea and published a single chapter of a story called The Wildebrams Season Three, but as I explored the idea for the I fleshed it out to a larger story and rebranded it GLEE: The Lima Story. As has been my practice when I publish a substantially different version of a story, replacing the original text on, I archive the original version here in case anyone who is interested in it.

  1. The Wildebrams Season Three: Chapter 1: The End Of Summer

The WildeAbrams One Shots And Teasers (Blog Posts):

The following are story teasers posted to this blog (mostly for the Wildebrams Fic-A-Thon in Summer of 2015). Cross posted online as The Wildebrams One Shots And Teasers.

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  1. Don’t Stop Believin’
  2. Even You (Swan Song)
  3. I Always Get What I Want (Sadie Hawkins)
  4. The Reason Is You (All Or Nothing)
  5. The Way You Make Me Feel (All Or Nothing)
  6. I’m Not In Love (All Or Nothing)
  7. I Want To Know What Love Is (All Or Nothing)
  8. I Want To Tell You (Love, Love, Love)
  9. Unexpected After Prom Bonding (TITSWD)
  10. Mourning Finn (The Quarterback)
  11. Sloppy Seconds (Katy or a Gaga)
  12. Do You Love Me (Frenemies)
  13. Those Three Words (New Directions)
  14. Kitty’s Confession (TITSWD)
  15. Kitty Arrives At The Britana Wedding (A Wedding)
  16. Kitty And Artie After The Britana Wedding (A Wedding)
  17. An Unexpected Reunion (Homecoming)
  18. Slumber Party Girl Talk (Season 5)
  19. Wildebrams DCD Teaser (Dreams Come True)
  20. An Unexpected Broadway Visitor (Dreams Come True)
  21. A Very Wildebrams Intervention (The Wildebrams Season Six, original material)
  22. Kitty and Artie At Their Apartment (Dreams Come True)
  23. A Very Wildebrams Proposal (Dreams Come True)

Quartie One-Shots (Blog Posts):

A collection of one shot stories featuring Quinn and Artie. Some of the scenes will later appear as part of longer stories.

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  1. Something That You Can Never Get Back 

Quartie Headcannon:

My version of Quartie’s backstory friendship as told to Kitty by Quinn (originally planned to be a chapter of Wedding Song). This was expanded in 2021 with new material based upon things created for Quartie Ever After.

  1. Quartie Headcannon Backstory (original text dated 4/2/2016)

Quartie Ever After:

After I created a family for Artie in spring 2022, I published a revised version of all existing chapters of Quartie Ever After incorporating the new characters (some of whom will play major roles in future chapters) and other changes. Preserved here are the older versions of those chapters.

  1. Regrets
  2. Confusion
  3. Frustration
  4. Conflicts
  5. Paparazzi