All of my stories are based upon the Glee Cannon (the show as it aired) and goes AU at some point (sometimes well into the story, sometimes early on). This page is a timeline of the show and my fanfiction and where it all and how it all fits together compared to Glee Cannon.

  • THE WILDEBRAMS SAGA: The Ballad of Kitty and Artie, and A New Beginning, follow Glee Cannon until just after the season 5 episode New New York. Everything after that is AU, accepting only a handful of details which I have chosen to accept as well as everything in the episode Opening Night.
  • Later chapters of THE WILDEBRAMS SAGA: A New Beginning, Wedding Song, and Homecoming are all completely AU.
  • Wildebrams Season Six follows cannon (with a few liberties) until some point during Dreams Come True.
  • The Bitterness Of Being Left Behind is AU, but follows cannon seasons 1-5.
  • Quartie Back-story is I guess technically AU, but provides important back-story for The Wildebrams Saga.
  • Quartie Season 2, will be completely AU but incorporate several story-lines from cannon season 2.
  • Wildebrams One-Shots and Teasers are draft or alternate versions of scenes that will fall in stories in The Wildebrams Saga chapters, mostly The Ballad of Kitty and Artie
  • The Day That Everything Changed and Passion is Wonder-ful are both slightly alternate versions of what will be complete chapters of The Ballad of Kitty and Artie.

Glee Fanfic Timeline Comparison

Timeline Glee
The Wildebrams Saga (BKA, ANB, WS, & HC)The Wildebrams Season 6Alt. Universe /
Alt. Versions /
Stand Alone Stories
Pre 2009* Quartie Headcannon (Backstory)
2009-2010Season 1Cannon
Season 1
Season 1
2010-2011Season 2Cannon
Season 2
Season 2
* Quartie Season 2
2011-2012Season 3Cannon
Season 3
Season 3
2012-2013Season 4* BKA Begins (September)Cannon
Season 4
* The Day That Everything Changed (early spring)
* Passion Is Wonder-ful (mid spring)
Spring 2013Season 5aCannon
Season 5a
2013-2014Season 5b* BKA Ends (August 1)
* ANB Begins (Septeber)
Season 5b
* In My Arms Again (Somewhere, Somehow) [summer]
Fall 2014Season 6 Begins (October)* Wildebrams Season 6 (October)* The Bitterness of Being Left Behind (October)
2015* Dreams Come True (Spring and Fall)
2017* Wedding Song (spring)
2020* Dreams Come True (flash forward)
2022* Homecoming (spring)
2029* Quartie Ever After (spring/summer)

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[ Wedding Song ] [ Homecoming ]

Assorted Wildebrams Stories:
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Quartie Stories:
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General Timelines:
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