Introducing The Abrams Family!

Introducing The Abrams Family!

With the exception if casting Katy Sagal as Artie’s mom, Nancy Abrams, Glee was relatively silent about Artie’s home life other than a reference to his dad’s willingness to drive him to events if they could not get a handicapped capable bus.

I’ve been intentionally vague about Artie’s family in my stories, assuming he was an only child like Kitty because there’s never been any references or hints about any siblings, and Wonder-ful implied that it was just he and his mom. I changed my mind when writing The Wildebrams Season Six, so I have taken the time to create a family for him who will be written into appropriate places in my other stories as they are written and I go back and edit my back catalog so they will remain (relatively) consistent in all of writing.

In doing this I looked for president in other fanfic. Historically in most Artie centric (mostly Quartie) fanfic I’ve read, it had established that everyone in that family had names that started with an A, but that went out the window when Glee canonized his mom as Nancy Abrams. Typically he had one or two younger siblings (a boy and a girl), and occasionally, but not usually an older college age brother. Gigundoly has established the idea of an older sister, and I fell in love with the idea (but I changed the name, personality, and other details, of course!). Continue reading

[ ANNOUNCEMENT ] Introducing #WildebramsWednesdays

Starting today and for the forseeable future I will be promoting my favorite ship by posting a link to a new or favorite #Wildebrams story on my Twitter @WildeAbrams

Some weeks it will be one of my stories/chapters, either new or legacy. Other times it will be a deserving one by another author. Stories may be on,, AO3, LiveJournal, or another blog or website. 

Please support these stories or authors by retweeting and reviewing their work. 

If you would like to participate, please post your own favorites using the hashtag #WildrbramsWednesdays or submit them to me. 

Several Glee Project Contenders Cast as Recurring Regular and Recurring Characters in The Wildebrams Saga!

Once upon a time Ryan, Ian, and Brad created Glee, a show about (mostly) outcast students who were members of the New Directions glee club at William McKinley High School in Lima Ohio. The show as super popular, but they realized that they could not have the same actors playing the same characters forever. They had to graduate eventually, and part of the appeal of the existing cast was that they were relatively unknown actors, and they utilized traits of the actual actors in the characters that they played making them more real.

Season One was lightening in a bottle, and almost all of the cast proved to be loved by the fans, and came back for season 2 (poor Matt!). However, some of the actors hired to supplement the cast during season two didn’t go over as well as they had hoped, so they decided to hire people that were not regular actors at all and write characters around them. Ryan, along with Casting Director Robert Ulrich decided to open up casting to literally the entire world through an online audition process, and large open casting cals in several American cities; and The Glee Project was born.

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[ ANNOUNCEMENT ] Presenting: The Wildebrams Saga

Presenting: The Wildebrams Saga

As many of you know, my multi-chapter Wildebrams stories The Ballad of Kitty and Artie, A New Beginning, and Wedding Song are one continuous story. To help clarify and promote this, I have decided to retitle these existing stories under the name The Wildebrams Saga.

Effective immediately, The Ballad of Kitty And Artie and Wedding Song are re-titled The Wildebrams Saga 1: The Ballad of Kitty and Artie and The Wildebrams Saga 4: Wedding Song.

I’m also announcing 3 additional parts of the saga, the first chapters of which will appear in the next few weeks.

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(A rewrite and expansion of A New Beginning)

By WildeAbrams

With the next few weeks I will begin publishing an almost complete rewrite of this story which was first published over a year ago, but was never finished.

First, let me give you some background explanation. Two and a half years ago when I started writing Glee fanfic, I was a very angry Glee fan. To me, the best part of glee, on top of all of the compelling characters, was the glee club itself. But, in the middle of season 5 the writers, in a knee-jerk reaction to the death of Cory Monteith, decided to take Glee in a completely different direction, ending the glee club in Lima storyline and writing anyone not in New York out completely, and in the process made it not feel like Glee anymore.

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[ Fic-A-Thon ] Wildebrams Fic-A-Thon Expanded!

I’m Proud to Announce That the Wildebrams Fic-A-Thon is Being Expanded!

The first month of the Fic-A-Thon has been going pretty well; if a bit slow, so we have decided to expand it into a Triathlon and have it run the remainder of the summer. We have had several new authors enter the fray and I’ve heard from others who have wanted to but for some reason haven’t managed to do so yet. I want to give you more time to contribute.

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Announcing The Wildebrams Fic-A-Thon!

Announcing The Wildebrams Fic-A-Thon!

Help Us Show RIB that they made a mistake!

With the end of Glee, and Tartie in the finale, a lot of Wildebrams fans seem to have gone into hiding, but I know you’re still out there! It’s crazy how that has resuscitated what was basically a dead ship.

In the face so so much adversity, we need to be even bolder than ever, supporting our OTP! Did you know that Quartie (a ship that never even really happened in cannon) has something like 300 stories on alone? I think we can do better, so we are going to have a Fic-A-Thon! That’s what Quartie did to get attention for their ship back in 2011.

So, during the month of June, please show your pride by writing and posting your stories featuring Kitty and Artie! It doesn’t matter if it’s a one page one shot or a novel, we want to see them all!

Tag them #Wildebramsficathon or #kartieficathon and also use my all purpose tag #WildeAbrams4Ever as well as #Glee #Wildebrams #Kartie #fanfic #fanfiction, etc on Tumblr and on Twitter! The point here is to make your stories as easy to find as possible.

Please contact me with any questions.

– wildeabramauthor aka @WildeAbrams on Twitter

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