[ Fic-A-Thon ] Wildebrams Fic-A-Thon Expanded!

I’m Proud to Announce That the Wildebrams Fic-A-Thon is Being Expanded!

The first month of the Fic-A-Thon has been going pretty well; if a bit slow, so we have decided to expand it into a Triathlon and have it run the remainder of the summer. We have had several new authors enter the fray and I’ve heard from others who have wanted to but for some reason haven’t managed to do so yet. I want to give you more time to contribute.

One of the not-so-great things about Wildebrams is that while it’s pretty popular among the fans, not a lot of fic has been written about them, unlike a lot of the more saturated ships. That’s bad news for fans, but good news for writers because we have an almost blank slate!

Those of you who are writing or who just haven’t gotten to the point of publishing yet, please keep going with what you are working on. For those of you who haven’t managed to put anything out there yet and haven’t settled on an idea yet, the second and third month will focus on prompts, which will hope will spark some imaginations.

The Triathlon is taking 3 stages:

  • Part 1: June – Getting the word out, publishing things that were in the works, new authors getting their feet wet
  • Part 2: July – Cannon or almost cannon stories based upon one or more prompt or original idea.
  • Part 3: August – AU or mostly AU stories based upon one or more prompt or original idea.

Of course anyone can write anything at any time it suits them. This is just a general structure.

As before, please use the #wildebramsficathon tag in social media to make them easy to find.

Wildebrams Triathlon (Fic-A-Thon) Prompts:

  • Season 4 Wildebrams
  • Season 5 Wildebrams
  • Season 5 B (New York) Wildebrams
  • Seasons 6 WildeAbrams
  • College In New York Wildebrams
  • AU / Different Decade Wildebrams
  • Missing Scene Wildebrams
  • Future Wildebrams
  • Cannon Wildebrams
  • Wildebrams Song Fic
  • Cute Wildebrams (fluff)
  • Wildebrams Fluff
  • Historic Wildebrams
  • Wildebrams as Kids
  • Missing Scene Wildebrams
  • Sci Fi Wildebrams
  • Western Wildebrams
  • Past Life Wildebrams
  • Sexy Wildebrams
  • Hurt /comfort Wildebrams
  • Wildebrams first meeting / first sight of each other
  • Sick / injured Wildebrams
  • Kitty defending Artie / Artie defending Kitty
  • Insecure / jealous Wildebrams
  • Wildebrams as Kids
  • Wildebrams through the years
  • AU Wildebrams
  • AU Wildebrams RomCom (based upon an original idea or an existing movie or show)
  • AU Wildebrams crossover with your favorite show or movie
  • Wildebrams at Camp / camping
  • Wildebrams Spring Break
  • Wildebrams Road Trip
  • Wildebrams on Vacation
  • Wildebrams in College
  • Wildebrams as Co workers
  • Wildebrams on a Double Date (you pick the other couple )
  • Wildebrams at a party
  • Wildebrams bowling (during Trio, or another time)
  • Wildebrams babysitting
  • Wildebrams surprising the other on their birthday
  • Wildebrams playing (video) games
  • Wildebrams makeover
  • Wildebrams stuck in a closet or elevator
  • Wildebrams blind date
  • Wildebrams proposal (either one asking the other)
  • Wildebrams asking the other’s parents permission to propose
  • Wildebrams Wedding
  • Wildebrams Wedding Night
  • Wildebrams Wedding Vows
  • Wildebrams as Parents
  • Wildebrams meeting each other’s parents
  • Pregnant Kitty
  • Drunk Wildebrams
  • Wildebrams the morning after the party
  • Spin The Bottle
  • Seven Minutes In Heaven
  • Wildebrams Angst (UST)
  • Wildebrams Smut
  • Wildebrams Friends With Benefits
  • 50 Shades of Wilde
  • Zombie Apocalypse Wildebrams
  • AU Season 6 Where the reason Kitty was so angry and bitter at Artie in Homecoming was because Kitty was pregnant when they broke up, gave birth to his child, and Artie slowly discovers this over the season.
  • Five Different Times (4 times the same or almost the same thing happens, but the 5th time is different)
  • A New Me – one of them decides to change themselves and the other decides to support them

Another great source for prompts is http://twitter.com/OTPBot

Of course you can use your own original ideas!

These can be one shots, continuing stories, plot arcs in your existing stories, etc. It doesn’t matter. You can base it upon one or multiple prompts all in one story. For example MyGoldStar is using Wildebrams at Camp and Wildebrams as Coworkers in her amazing new story Ignition :). It’s okay if someone else uses the same prompts because they will have a different take on them.

I’ll be updating this list throughout the summer. If you’re just a reader and you have something to add to this list, please message me and I’ll add it.

Wilde Abrams

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