[ EDITORIAL ] On The Prospect of a Glee Reboot or Reunion…

On The Prospect of a Glee Reboot or Reunion…

At the height of its popularity, Glee was one of the most popular shows on television and once held the top spot with the most charted hits on the Billboard Top 40. To give you an idea of how huge that is, in the past that honor was held by Elvis Presley and The Beatles. They were recently surpassed by someone named Drake who I would be hard pressed to name a song he’s recorded. How that happened, I will never know. But I digress.

With television and streaming producers running out of ideas, it seems like every even remotely successful show of the past is getting a reboot of some kind. As more of the Glee fan base moves into young adulthood, and starts to get nostalgic, it’s only natural that the idea of a Glee reboot (a term often used interchangeably with the term reunion – more on that later) is brought up. Up until recently I’ve mostly just chuckled and rolled my eyes at the idea, but the idea does not seem to want to die, and I am finally putting my thoughts on the matter down in a coherent form. 

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Mark Salling is Dead…

Mark Salling is Dead… And I’m Surprisingly Okay With It…

Like many of the rest of you, my thoughts have been reeling for the past couple days over the suicide of Glee actor Mark Salling. His passing has definitely strewn up a lot of uncomfortable, conflicting emotions for all of us.

This is caused largely by the fact that most people have a real problem separating the actor the person from the character they play, and from the public persona that they project. I’ve blogged about this before. This is particularly evident with people like Mark who are apparently quite a bit different in real life than what we think they are.

Mark’s character Noah “Puck” Puckerman was never one of my favorite characters. But he was one of Glee’s more popular characters especially in the first couple of seasons. He was a very talented actor and musician. Many people looked up to him. His passing has stirred up a lot of emotions in people in the Glee fandom.

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EDITORIAL: So Ashamed of Mark Salling!

I am so disgusted, disappointed, and angry at Mark Salling!

Two days ago on December 30, the Glee Fandom, along with the rest of the Internet was shocked to the core when actor Mark Salling, who played the character of Noah ‘Puck’ Puckerman was arrested for possession of child pornography.

Following the report of an ex girlfriend, authorities exercised a search warrant on his home and found over a thousand (some reports are saying 2,000) images of children “significantly younger than 15-16 in sexually compromising situations” on his computer. [ Update: they were actually under ten years old, that was just the legal wording of the charge. ] His other electronic devices were also confiscated to be searched. Typical of celebrities, he has already been released until his january court date. He was arrested amount 9AM local time and posted bail around 2:30 PM the same day. Since there are more than 600 image, he is facing 5 years in prison or more.

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[ EDITORIAL ] Opening Yourself Up To Hate!

Opening Yourself Up To Hate:

Some of you may have noticed that I didn’t post a story or tweet about someone else’s story last night. It’s been my intention to promote a story whether it’s one of mine or someone else’s everyday during the Fic-A-Thon. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to do that last night, but after the events of the last two days, I just couldn’t get my heart into it. I was up half the night last night and eventually fell asleep in front of my tablet.

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Remembering Corey

Today would have been Corey’s 33’rd Birthday.

After watching the aired version of The Quarterback, it’s easy to think that The Originals were the only ones who cared about him and wished they had said things to him. In this teaser of MY version of The Quarterback, you will see that’s not the case.

This teaser is dedicated to Cory Monteith
May 11, 1982 – July 13,, 2013.

“The show must go…all over the place.”

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EDITORIAL: They Are Just Fictional Characters…

They Are Just Fictional Characters…

They are just fictional characters. I never thought I would actually say that, at least not publicly, because on the surface it feels like I’m minimizing people’s perfectly valid feelings. But the events of the last 12 hours have shown me that some people in the Glee Fandom need a serious reality check.

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Why I Don’t Suport Tartie Tuesday or Tartie in General

Regarding “Tartie Tuesday” …

A number of people have wondered why I can’t and won’t support Tartie Tuesday, so I’m going to explain this one time for everyone. With the way Tina treated him when they broke up, I have a hard time even accepting them as close friends. It’s canon and I sometimes use their friendship in fanfic (Wedding Song, for example) but it makes no sense to me. Everyone seems to remember the bit about he being upset about she lieing about her stutter. But that’s not why they broke up. It was just a fight. Their actual breakup happened prior to season 2 when she cheated on him with Mike when they were at Asian Camp. Yes created. She was with Artie when she left, and didn’t break up with him until she returned, but made out with Mike while there. She blamed it on Artie ignoring her in favor of video games. Yes that was bad of him. But in the same episode, and for many more afterward, she went on and on about Mike’s abs. To someone like Artie, who has body image issues, that’s the ultimate slap in the face. Yes he’s obviously forgiven her, but it’s really sad that all these years later, she doesn’t understand or remember this. That, my friends is why I can’t and won’t celebrate Tartie (even as friends) through Tartie Tuesday or anything else. It has absolutely nothing to do with Kitty. — @WildeAbrams

[ I posted this on Twitter the other day and am adding if here for those who may be interested. My view hasn’t changed with their implied endgame status. ]

Regarding The Future ….

Regarding The Future ….

As I write this it has been less than a day since the airing of the Glee series finale Dreams Come True. I’ve planned for quite some time to have the debut of WildeAbrams.com coincide with the weekend of the Glee series finale. I was expecting it to follow the expected end game status of Kartie, Wildebrams, WildeAbrams, Artitty, whatever your ship name of choice is.

Obviously that didn’t happen; and Ryan, Ian, and Brad (RIB) chose to take the characters of Artie and Tina back seven years in their development, or in Tina’s case lack of development; and put them back together. As I sit here I’m still shell shocked by this development as well as the overall finale itself which I will go into in another blog post in the next day or two. What’s important now is that once again RIB pulled the wool over our eyes and basically screwed us over.

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