Why I Don’t Suport Tartie Tuesday or Tartie in General

Regarding “Tartie Tuesday” …

A number of people have wondered why I can’t and won’t support Tartie Tuesday, so I’m going to explain this one time for everyone. With the way Tina treated him when they broke up, I have a hard time even accepting them as close friends. It’s canon and I sometimes use their friendship in fanfic (Wedding Song, for example) but it makes no sense to me. Everyone seems to remember the bit about he being upset about she lieing about her stutter. But that’s not why they broke up. It was just a fight. Their actual breakup happened prior to season 2 when she cheated on him with Mike when they were at Asian Camp. Yes created. She was with Artie when she left, and didn’t break up with him until she returned, but made out with Mike while there. She blamed it on Artie ignoring her in favor of video games. Yes that was bad of him. But in the same episode, and for many more afterward, she went on and on about Mike’s abs. To someone like Artie, who has body image issues, that’s the ultimate slap in the face. Yes he’s obviously forgiven her, but it’s really sad that all these years later, she doesn’t understand or remember this. That, my friends is why I can’t and won’t celebrate Tartie (even as friends) through Tartie Tuesday or anything else. It has absolutely nothing to do with Kitty. — @WildeAbrams

[ I posted this on Twitter the other day and am adding if here for those who may be interested. My view hasn’t changed with their implied endgame status. ]

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