TWS2 – New Beginnings

The Wildebrams Saga 2: New Beginnings

Part 2 of The Wildebrams Saga .

New Beginnings – Summary

This story is AU and takes place during the 2013-2014 school year (overlaps season 5b) and tells what happens during Kitty’s sophomore year when she is separated from Artie and there is no Glee Club at McKinley, and Artie’s freshman year in college. With Glee Club gone our heroes are forced to find their bearings again so they can navigate the complicated waters of high school and figure out how to get their glee club back. Meanwhile Artie navigates college life and figures out what he is going to do without his love Kitty around. [ This is a rewrite of my current story A New Beginning. Because it is being changed so much, it’s going to be a totally new publication instead of an in place replacement of the older story. ]

Chapter 01: So Here’s What You Missed on Glee…

Chapter 02:

Chapter 03:

Chapter 04:

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Chapter 09: