BKA4 – The Makeover (Original)

[ The Makeover ] 


Authors Notes: while Kitty didn’t actually appear in this episode, dramatically there is really no reason for her not to be around. They paid Jacob Artist (Jake), and Melissa Bellisont (Marley) to just sit there during the assembly, and Melissa had one line, why not Becca Tobin (Kitty)? So, anyway, this chapter will focus on what Artie is doing and have some original material for Kitty, as if she was actually there, including a whole new subplot. 


# ## ## ## #.


*** Monday Morning ***


Artie was wheeling down the hall at WMHS when he ran into Blaine, who was in a good mood, with a smile on his face and a spring in his step. 


“Hi Blaine, what’s going on?” He asked his friend.


“Hi, Artie, I’ve come to a decision, I told myself, ‘All right, Blaine Anderson, time to change things up. Last year, it was all about letting the seniors shine. But this year it’s your turn.’ 


“So I’ve joined like 23 different clubs to fill my days now that Kurt’s in New York. We talk and Skype and text as much as possible, but the only time we’re really in sync is when we’re hate-watching Treme together. I just feel like I  need something more of make me feel like I’ve made a difference in this place.”


“Okay,” Artie said, still waiting for an explanation of his friend’s good mood. 


Blaine began to walk down the hall, and began to sing as Artie rolled after him.


Blaine sings: Everybody Wants To Rule The World:


Welcome to your life 

There’s no turning back 

Even while we sleep 

We will find you 

Acting on your best behavior 

Turn your back on mother nature 

Everybody wants to rule the world 


It’s my own design 

It’s my own remorse 

Help me to decide 

Help me make the most 

Of freedom and of pleasure 

Nothing ever lasts forever 

Everybody wants to rule the world 

There’s a room where the light won’t find you 

Holding hands while the walls come tumbling down 

When they do I’ll be right behind you 


So glad we’ve almost made it 

So sad they had to fade it 

Everybody wants to rule the world 


I can’t stand this indecision 

Married with a lack of vision 

Everybody wants to rule the world 

Say that you’ll never never never never need it 

One headline why believe it ? 

Everybody wants to rule the world 


All for freedom and for pleasure 

Nothing ever lasts forever 

Everybody wants to rule the world


As the song finished the music stopped and Brittany walked up to therm and asked, “What do you think you’re doing, Blaine Warbler?” 


“I’m running for president,” he answered with a smile.


Brittany just stood there with a ‘deer in headlights’ look on her face. 


“Oh, This is going to end well,”  Artie mumbled.


# # #


Kitty smiled as she got off the yellow school bus for what she hoped would be one of the last times. This Friday, September 21, 2012 was going to be her 16th birthday! She’d taken Drivers’ ED that summer and was practiced enough that she and her dad were confident that she’d pass her road test with flying colors. She had an appointment scheduled for Friday after school, and the family had a 5:30 reservation at BreadstiX. After that, she’d be whisked off to the field to lead her Cheerios in cheering at the football game.


So far her year was going great! She was super popular, Captain of the Cheerios, and finally had a boyfriend. She’d taken him to his first high school football game the previous Friday and made sure that he and her squad had known that her birthday was coming up. She was expecting them to do something special for her at lunch that day. 


Life was good!


# # #


Later that morning, Artie was at his locker exchanging books when Brittany approached him discreetly.


“Psst, Artie, can I talk to you for a second?” She asked.


“Yes,” he answerer, not bothering to look up.


She stepped up in front of him.


“Okay, so I’m running for senior class president again, and I want you to be my VP. Being Vice Presidential pick of McKinley High’s first two-term president would look really good on your college resume.”


He looked up at her and answered, beginning to roll down the hall to his next class. “I have a 4.0 GPA, and I scored a 210 on my practice SAT, and I was the only handi-capable member of a national championship glee club. 


“I’m not really worried about getting into college,” he assured her confidentiality.


But this did not dissuade her. “I know how people like you are afraid of the spotlight sometimes, but did you know that Franklin Roosevelt was part robot, too, – and he’s on Mount Rushmore? -“


“- No, he isn’t. And I’m just going to say it again,  I’m not part robot -,” he remind her, stopping to face her.


“- I realize That I didn’t do much as president last year, and if you help me win again this year, I promise to do exactly the same thing, which means I’ll be president, and you can make all the boring decisions.”


This piqued his interest. 


“So I could be Cheney to your Bush,” he concluded.


“I’d rather be landing strip,” she told him, not getting the reference.


“I mean,” he continued, “it’s no secret that a woman loves a man in power, and don’t take this personally, but before I graduate, I would like to have a relationship that lasts longer than a couple weeks.”


“Why would I take that personally?”


“- You and I dated,” He reminded her.


“- We did?” She clearly didn’t remember.


“Look,” he told her, pretending that it didn’t bother him that she did not remember dating him and taking his virginity two years before, “you’ve got yourself a deal.”


He reached out and shook her hand.




# # #


Later in glee club Mr. Schue addressed the group.


“Okay, as you all know, as national champions we get to host the annual Show Choir Rules Committee meeting.”


“Please tell me you’re gonna ask what 1/3 vintage meant last year? ” Tina said. 


“Or like, why some teams get to sing six songs and other ones only do one? ” Sam wanted to know. 


Suddenly everyone started asking questions or commenting all at once.


“Speaking of competitions,” Jake interrupted over the chaos, “shouldn’t we start like, preparing for ours?”


Everyone stopped talking and looked at their teacher who just sat there as they stared at him..


“I have some ideas which I am working on … very hard…. Um … I don’t really want to give anything away right now, but I can assure you that as soon as I come up with what I feel is the right idea, I will let you know.  I expect that to be very soon.”


Artie looked round the room at all the blank faces. Clearly he was not the only one who didn’t believe him. Artie had long suspected that even when Mr. Schue acted like he had a plan, it was something that he came up with no more than an hour before, if not less. Sometimes right on the spot.  Not that he was worried, it seemed to be working for them so far. After all, it had only taken them there years to become national champions. Glee club hadn’t even made it past sectionals after Mr. Schue’s teacher Mrs. Adler had passed away in 1997 until Mr. Schue took the reigns.


Artie was brought back to the present when Brittany raised her hand.


” – Yes, go ahead,” Mr. Schue told her, clearly happy to get the focus of attention on something besides himself. 


“- Excuse me, I’m not sure if what You were saying was actually important ’cause I wasn’t listening, but I’d like to make an announcement.”


She stood up and moved so she was standing in front of the class before continuing, “First, I’d like to know if anyone can prove that Blaine was actually born in this country. Second, I’m wrapping up the election by selecting Artie as my running mate.”


“Ah! Alright.” Mr. Schue said, smiling and applauding.


The rest of the room also began to applaud, and Artie smiled broadly. Sugar, who was sitting next to him, seemed particularly excited. Sam, on the other hand, just sat there staring off into space.


“I think by bridging the human-slash-robot divide, we’ll ensure that both students and vending machines will be voting for us.”


“- Still not a robot,” Artie mumbled. 


“- Brittany, that’s not fair,” Blaine challenged. “This isn’t a popularity contest, it’s about who’s got the best ideas. It’s about believing you can make a change, right?” 




“What is that taste in my…?” Artie chimed in, playfully, licking his fingers for emphasis. “Is that sour grape? Brittany.”


The bell rang and everyone filed out of the classroom.


Artie and Brittany walked off together to plan their campaign. Sam just sat there, lost in thought.


# # #


Later that morning  Sugar approached Artire in the hallway and said, “Artie, wait up!”


He slowed down to allow her to catch up.


“I never knew you had political aspirations?” She told him with a broad smile.


“I never really gave it much thought until Brittany approached me,” he said. “But when she suggested I’d be able to take an active role in making the legacy of her second term more than the dinosaur theme prom her first one had, I really couldn’t say no.”


She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, “That’s so noble of you. If there is anything I can do to help….?”


“Well now that you mention it,” he told her, “several of us are getting together after school to make and put up campaign posters. If you’d like to join us, I can text you the deets?”


“That would bring be great!” She said.


# # # 


Across the hall, Kitty was changing out books at her locker and saw Artie and Sugar in her peripheral vision and overheard most of their conversation. She mimicked sugar and rolled her eyes. One of the positives of not having lunch with the glee group anymore was that she didn’t have to deal with that irritating woman. What Artie saw in her was beyond her.


So Artie was running for student office? Interesting, she thought.


# # #


Brittany was walking down the hall toward where Artie and Sugar were talking when Sam approached her.


“Hey, why didn’t you ask me to be your running mate?” Sam asked her. “I’m like the perfect candidate.”


She turned to face him, clearly surprised by the question.


“Well, I didn’t want it to ruin our friendship. I mean, look at Sarah Palin. She and her grandfather, they were super close, and then he asked her to be his running mate, and they lost, and now they’re not even speaking. But I do think you’d be a great vice president, so I’m going to help you out. Come here.”


She lead Sam over to where Blaine was standing by his locker.


“Blaine Warbler? I’d like to introduce you to Sam Evans.”


“Um,” Blaine told her, wondering what was going on, “we’ve actually met several times.”


“He’s your candidate for vice president,” she told him matter of factly.  


“Uh, no. I’m picking my own running mate.” He told her.


But Sam chimed in to sell his case, “My family’s on food stamps, so that will get you the sympathy vote. I’m not gay, so that’ll help with the not-gay vote, and you know, I don’t want to brag, but (imitates George W.) My impressions are hilarious 100% of the time.” Blaine just stood there taking it in.


“It’s George Bush, come on.”


Blaine was beginning to warm to the idea.


“Okay, sure.” The two men shook hands.


“Awesome,” Brittany said. “First order of business, Artie and I challenge you and Sam to a debate.”


“You’re on,” Blaine answered.


Sam leaned in and whispered, “What’s a debate?” In Blaine’s ear.


Artie watched all of this from across the hall and smiled. 


*** Tuesday ***


During Glee rehearsal, Artie sat in his usual spot in the front row. Mr. Schu still hadn’t announced a plan for sectionals (in other words he still hasn’t figured it out himself), so rather than have the focus of the week be on his indecision, he had declared this to be free sing week.  


Marley had volunteered to go first. She got up and sang Boys With Girlfriends by Meiko.


When I first met you I knew you were the one

Till you took me home and I met her

She had your boxers on

And she was listening to your song

And I thought right then that you had everything


But I knew

She was jealous from the start

Yeah, I knew

She was jealous from the start


‘Cause I know better not to be friends with boys with girlfriends

Oh I know better than that, I know better

You play the victim and I’ll be the bad guy

I know better than that, I know better

(oh oh oh oh oh oh X 2)


We started hanging around after 9

I could’ve sworn that I was yours

You looked at me and said

Its a little too late for bed

We went to hotel and

Talked about everything


But I knew

She was jealous from the start

Yeah, I knew

She was jealous from the start


‘Cause I know better not to be friends with boys with girlfriends

Oh I know better than that, I know better

You play the victim and I’ll be the bad guy

I know better than that, I know better



‘Cause what she did to us was tragic

Oh oh oh

And I had to do what’s right

Oh oh oh

What we had was really magic

Oh oh oh

But I have to get what’s mine

What’s mine

I’ll get what’s mine

And you’ll get yours


‘Cause I know better not to be friends with boys with girlfriends

Oh I know better than that, I know better

You play the victim and I’ll be the bad guy

I know better than that, I know better



‘Cause I know better not to be friends with boys with girlfriends

Oh I know better than that, I know better

You play the victim and I’ll be the bad guy

I know better than that, I know better



During the entire song, she was glancing at their other newest member, Jake Puckerman. The two of them had been having a hard time keeping their eyes off of each other ever since he joined New Directions. That was confusing given the word in the halls that he was dating head cheerleader Kitty Wilde. 


Artie felt a pain of regret at the thought of Kitty. He’d really hoped they could be friends, but the fact was that her place in the social hierarchy made that problematic at best, and she was no longer willing to try.


Judging by the song, Marley was getting frustrated being in the middle between he and the woman who made it her hobby to torture her.


# # #


Kitty sat at the computer in the Cheerios conference room adjacent to coach Sue’s office.  She was putting the finishing touches on the flier for the club she was starting the following week. She needed to get it don’t by the end of the day to get it sent to the printer’s.  Coach Sue’s daughter Robin napped quietly next to her.  


She saved the file and emailed it off. Checking the time on her phone she saw that it was another twenty minutes until Jake would be done with glee club. For the life of her Kitty didn’t see what her boyfriend saw in that geek club.  Yeah he liked to sing and could play guitar, but why didn’t he start a boy band like a normal person? 


She sighed.


She had a feeling that it had something to do with the presence of a certain Marley Rose. She saw how he looked at her, and while she may have isolated herself at the top of the social pyramid, she still heard the rumors that when he wasn’t with Kitty, he was with her. She was going to have to cure him do that. 


# # #


Twenty minutes later Kitty walked down the hall toward Jake’s locker and sure enough he and Marley were headed that way. As they approached her, Kitty gave Marley an evil glare, and she excused herself saying, “I’ll see you tomorrow, think about what I said.”


He nodded, and she walked off.


“What was that about?” Kitty demanded.


“Nice to see you too,” he told her. “Yeah I’ve been having a good day. Thanks for asking,” he added sarcastically.


“Don’t change the subject on me!” She demanded. “What does little miss priss want you to think about?”


“That’s between she and I,” he told her.


She placed her hand on his shoulder pressing him against the lockers, and gave him a dirty glare. “Boyfriends and girlfriends aren’t supposed to have secrets from each other.”


“Well,” he signed, “if you really must know, she was telling me how hard it is trying to be friends with a guy who has a girlfriend as possessive as you are.”


“You have me. You don’t need any other girl friends,” she told him.


“Yes I do, Kitty,” he told her, pushing himself free of her. “Among other things you’re not in glee club, and she’s my only real friend in there.”


He walked over of his locker and changed out his books. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll see you at lunch,” he said and headed to his next class. 


Kitty groaned in anger as the bell rang.


*** Wednesday ***


Artie rolled down the hall towards Brittany, who was at her locker.


“Brittany, I just got a copy of Jacob Ben Israel’s latest presidential poll.”




“The good news is 90% of respondents said they’re planning on attending Friday’s debate.”


“That’s cool.” She said. Then she saw the look on his face. “So what’s the bad news?”


“90% of those who responded…they were coming to hear you say something st stu -“


“They think I’m going to say something stupid,” she finished, crestfallen. She turned and walked down the hall, and he rolled with her.


“But, see, you’re not stupid. You’re really creative. Your brain exists in this magical other dimension where anything is possible. It’s really amazing. We just need to focus on a little preparation.”


# # #


When he saw the same poll information, Blaine was concerned that picking Sam as a running mate was a desperate grab for the straight vote, and his regular use of celebrity impressions would be more of a hindrance than a strength, because like Britney many respondents we’re expecting him to say something stupid. They would need to respond with preparation so that he came off as a more serious candidate. 


# # #


That afternoon, In an empty conference room, Artie helped Brittany practice for the debate. While, in another room, Blaine and Sam also rehearsed


“Brittany S. Pierce, how do you react to the characterization of your first term in office as one in which you didn’t do anything at all until prom?” Artie asked.


“I would describe that as entirely accurate,” She responded.


“Okay,” he told her; not happy with the a answer, but not wanting to dwell on it.


“Test scores at McKinley have gone down six percent every year for the past decade. – What would you do to fix the problem?” Blaine asked Sam.


“- Stop giving tests,,” Sam answered. “They’re hard, and there’s way too many of them.


“What is your favorite color? ” Artie asked.


“Filipino,” Brittany answered. “They’re very hard workers, and family is very important to them.”


“You know what? Let’s talk wardrobe. In politics, you can never underestimate a first impression.”


# # #


That day at lunch, Kitty and Jake sat with the popular group as usual. She decided not to broach the subject of Marley and instead talked about her birthday on a Friday, reminding them all that she would be busy after school with her test, dinner with her parents and the game,  but that she’d be available on late Friday night or Saturday to celebrate. No one really said much, in fact they barely seemed to be paying attention, which she took to mean that they wanted to surprise her with their plans, which sounded good of her. After all, a girl only turns 16 once.


*** Thursday ***


Artie sat in the front row of glee club waiting for class to start. Today was his turn to sing.  He glanced at the door, and he saw people enter. Jake and Marley entered together, still acting to the casual observer like they were a lot more than just friends. He started to wonder if Kitty knew about this, but was sidetracked when he saw Sugar came in. She smiled and sat down next to him.


“How’s my favorite political candidate?”


“Great,” he told her. “Thanks so much for your help with the campaign!  I’m really starting to feel confident of our chances.”


She smiled and kissed him on the cheek.


He smiled. So far things were going better than he’d hoped.


Just then, Mr. Schue called the group together.


“Alright,” their teacher said, “I believe Artie is starting us off.”


Artie rolled up in front of the group and begs to sing, I Can Hear Music by The Beach Boys. 


Ahhhhhh oooooo

This is the way

I always dreamed it would be

The way that it is, oh oh

When you are holding me

I never had a love of my own

Maybe that’s why when we’re all alone

I can hear music

I can hear music

The sound of the city baby seems to disappear

Oh-oh and, I can hear music

Sweet sweet music

Whenever you touch me baby

Whenever you’re near

Lovin’ you

It keeps me satisfied

And I can’t explain, oh no

The way I’m feeling inside

You look at me we kiss and then

I close my eyes and here it comes again

I can hear music

I can hear music

The sound of the city baby seems to disappear

Oh-oh and, I can hear music

Sweet sweet music

Whenever you touch me baby

Whenever you’re near

I hear the music all the time, yeah

I hear the music, hold me tight now baby

I hear the music all the time

I hear the music

I hear the music (baby)


I can hear music

I can hear music

The sound of the city baby seems to disappear

Oh-oh and, I can hear music

Sweet sweet music

Whenever you touch me baby

Whenever you’re near


The room cheered! 


Sugar smiled, cheering the loudest.


# # #


At the pre-election assembly in the auditorium, Sue stood behind the podium in the center. To either side of her were podiums for the two candidates. The room was decorated in election banners and other decor.


“Attention, miniscule segment of the student body, ” she addressed the mostly empty room. “Principal Figgins is out this week, with what he describes as religious fever. And I am forced to moderate these proceedings.”


Back stage, the candidates were getting ready for their introductions.


“Hey, dude, uh, now that you made me over, – can I give you some advice?” Sam, who was now wearing a suit, asked Blaine.


” – Yeah, sure.”


“- Lose the bow tie.”


“- What?”


“Yeah, trust me, it makes you look uptight and a little like a young Orville Redenbacher.” Blaine looked at him in disbelief. “Just take it off,” Sam assured him.


“Okay,” Blaine answered reluctantly removing the tie. 


Then he looked at himself in the mirror. “You know what? Actually, it’s … you’re actually right.”


“- Thank you.”


# # #


Back in the auditorium, Sue continued, “- There are two new utterly disheartening wrinkles to this year’s absolutely pointless contest. First, the horrifying fact that this year’s slate of candidates consists entirely of Glee Club members. And secondly, the inexplicable introduction of a vice presidential field for no discernable reason whatsoever.”


“Separation of powers! Whoo!” Stoner Bret stood up and cheered.


“So,” Sue continued, “let’s meet these second-tiered losers. You know them as the pimp and the gimp. Artie Abrams and Sam Evans.


“Stumbles, my first question is for you. Who, in God’s name, gives a hot, wet, steamy dump about student government?”


“I do,” he answered confidently. “And I think everyone in this room should, too. First of all, student government isn’t just a way for us to pad our college résumés. It’s a way for us to take an active role in our own education. Study after study shows that an active student body is a successful student body.” 


When He paused for a moment, thinking or hoping he was done, Sue said, “Okay, moving on.”


But he wasn’t done, and continued, “Student government is just the beginning. We need more after-school programs, and better-qualified staff to support our teachers, who are overworked and underpaid.-“


“- Oh, dear God,” Sue bemoaned.


“- And that’s just the beginning. I want to talk about the cafeteria, ’cause I believe at the beginning of every year to see if enough to support our brain activity …” Artie  to drone on for 32 minutes, until he finally concluded with, “That’s one of the many goals I promise to reach by the midway point of my first term, as outlined in my 96-point Pierce-Abrams Road map To Restore McKinley’s Future.”


“Merciful sweet Jesus, thank you, ” Sue said, relieved that he was finally done.


“Sam Evans, your response?”


“I wasn’t really listening. Whatever Artie said, I agree with that.”


Offstage, Blaine mouthed his disapproval to Sam.


“Our next question is from the Twitter,” Sue told them.”At HungrySouthMouth asks Sam Evans, “Rumor has it you were a stripper. Aren’t you ashamed?” 


Sam exhaled deeply before responding.


“No,” he answered simply, “I’m not.”


The room was silent. 


“In fact, ” he continued as music began to play and he removed his top, revealing his chiseled physique, and began to dance. 


” – Whoo!” The crowd cheered.


Artie just sat there in disbelief, not understanding why Sue let the spectacle continue.


After Sam had finished his dance and put his clothes back on, the Presidential candidates had their say.


“Students at this school have every right to be angry,” Blaine addressed the crowd. “Last year’s student council, led by my opponent, was the most ineffectual in a generation. Brittany S.Pierce, in her last term, accomplished absolutely nothing, except plan a dinosaur-themed prom and ban the use of hair gel. Ladies and gentlemen, telling anyone what they can or cannot put into their hair is disgusting. It’s the first step towards tyranny, my friends. Next thing you know, they’ll start burning books. And then they’ll probably start burning people, too.”


“That’s a lie,” Brittany said.


“This tyranny all ends today, McKinley,” Blaine finished. “I want to offer you a change. And I am that change. Let’s make history, Titans. And vote Anderson-Evans. Thank you.”


“Sweet, simple Brittany,” a relieved Sue addressed her, “What say you? 


“Uh,” she began, reassured by a smile from Artie. “I love you. I love you so much, McKinley High School. Simple as that. In fact I think that everyone should love this school as much as I do. If you elect me as president, I promise to outlaw summer vacation, so we’ll have school all year round. That means we’ll spend every day of every summer indoors with all our friends, in McKinley High School’s award-winning air conditioning.


“Also, I promise to end McKinley High School’s policy of having weekends. If you make me your president, Saturday and Sunday will be illegal, so that Monday will come right after Friday, which is the funnest day anyways. Vote Brittany and Artie. Thank you so much.”


Stoner Bret got up and left, shaking his head.


Looking around the room, Artie could see that the crowd wasn’t happy with this at all. 


“We just lost the election,” he mumbled exasperatedly.


# # #


Kitty watched the spectacle from the shadows of the balcony. She glanced down and saw her boyfriend and Marley watching the debate far too close to each other in the front row and was filled with rage. She hadn’t expected to see him there, let alone with Mike and Molly’s daughter. Didn’t they see each other enough in glee club? She’d heard the rumors in the halls about them, but seeing the evidence herself made it more real. She couldn’t allow this to continue.


She wasn’t even really sure why she was there herself. Morbid curiosity she guessed. Student government was only a rung or two above glee club in the social hierarchy. 


*** Friday ***


The election happened Friday during homeroom, and as usual there was low voter turnout. 


# # #


That day at lunch, Kitty walked into the cafeteria with a smile on her face. She couldn’t wait to see what surprise her friends had for her birthday.  At first glance it appeared to be an average day. No banners, balloons, or signs. No sign of a card or presents. Maybe the surprise would happen later. 


She began to make idle chitchat with her friends about how their day was going, and whatnot. When Jake joined them at her invitation, he also acted like it was an ordinary day.


“Isn’t there something that you all want to say to me?” She hinted.


“Did you change your hair?” Bobby Surette asked.


She was wearing the same high ponytail as she always did at school.


“Do you have any fun weekend plans, or plans for after the game?” Suzanne asked.


“Yeah, are we going out tomorrow?” Jake asked.


“Yeah,” she told him, “maybe you could take me out to celebrate?…”


“Yeah,” he told her, “if the team manages to win for once!”


She exhaled deeply, frustrated about not getting the answer she wanted.


She sat there sulking for another twenty minutes, dropping a few more hints, but as the lunch period came to a close, it she finally let it sink in:


They forgot my freaking birthday! She thought, bitterly.


# # #


Friday afternoon, after the results had been tallied, Sue sat in her office ready to announce the winner over the PA. Becky Jackson played the xylophone chime as usual, introducing Sue, who silenced the instrument with her hand.


“Attention, students: Your record-low election votes have been tallied, and we have a winner,” she began. “Becky, can I get a xylophone flourish? No? Not feeling it? Okay.


“This year’s Student Council President is …. 


# # #


Artie was sitting next to Sugar in Mr. Schue’s History class. They looked at each other with a mixture of excitement and trepidation as the winner was announced. 


“Blaine Anderson!”


Artie was crestfallen. Sugar put her hand on his shoulder in support, and gave him a hug. He knew it was going to be a long shot after the reaction of the crowd at the debate assembly, but he’d held out hope till the end that cooler heads had prevailed. 


But no.  They wanted the guy with the hair gel obsession and the stripper. 


# # #


Kitty was sitting in English class when the announcement came through. She listened intently while pretending to be aloof. Most of her classmates cheered the fact that the stripper had won, but Kitty felt bad for Artie.


# # #


After school, Kitty’s parents picked her up rather than wait for her to get home on the bus.


“How was your day, sweetie?” Her mom asked. “Did your friends do anything special?”


“No,” she answered bitterly, “no one remembered. Not even Jake!”


“That can’t be right,” her dad chimed in. “They must be waiting to do something at the game.”


“No,” she told him, clearly upset, “I gave them every opportunity to say something … They just forgot.”


Her mom gave her a hug, which felt good.


She held the embrace for several minute and her dad placed his hand on her shoulder in an attempt to show support. 


When Kitty felt the familiar flush in her face that normally preceded crying, she decided to change the subject.


“Let’s get out of here.  I don’t want my inferiors to see me hugging my parents, and I don’t want to be late for my test. I want to get some last minute practice.”


“Good idea,” her dad told her, and handed her the keys.


# # #


After school, Artie was gathering his books to take home for for weekend when Sugar approached him.


“Artie,” she said in her usual tone which made you wonder if she is being genuine of talking down to you. “I’m so sorry about the election.”


“It’s okay Sugar,” he answered flatly, “I’m used of it. I’ll live.”


“Well I was wondering if it might cheer you up if we went horseback riding this weekend?”


Artie had been trying of get her out on a date for months, ever since his competition for her affections, Rory Flanagan, had lost his student visa and gone back to Ireland. But he had to make sure.


“You mean on a date?”


“Of course, silly,” she told him and kissed his cheek.


Yes! Finally, he thought.


# # #


As expected Kitty passed her test with flying colors once she put the disappointment of the day behind her and focused on that. She posed for a photo with her parents in front of the car holding her temporary license as a bystander took it for them.


To celebrate she and her parents headed to BreadstiX for a celebratory dinner. They were just arriving when she spotted Artie rolling his way up the walkway.


“Hi Kitty,” he said, stopping to greet her as they approached him in the lobby. 


“Give me a minute,” she told her parents who hung back as she walked up to him.


“Hey,” she responded, gageing her parents response to seeing her talk to him. He was wearing his letterman jacket so it should be alright. “Sorry about the election.”


“It’s okay,” he told her. “I’m sure Blaine will do a good job too. I’m here for his victory party. I’m guessing you are too?”


“No,” she told him. “Dinner with my parents.”


“Oh, that reminds me,” he said, reaching into his pocket handing her an envelope with her name on it. “Happy Birthday! Did you pass your test! That was today, right?”


“What’s this?” She asked, confused. 


“It’s a birthday card, silly,” he told her. “I didn’t see you at school today, so I was hoping to see you here to give it to you.”


“Um, thanks,” she responded with a half smile. 


“Is there something wrong? It is your birthday right? I was sure you told me it was September 21.”


“It is,” she told him. “I just didn’t expect you to remember, that’s all. Thank you.  And yes I passed my test.” She pulled out the temporary license to show him. 


“Congrats girl!” He told her, smiling. “Well I gotta to congratulate Blaine.”


She nodded and watched him go.


“Who was that?” Her mom asked. 


“Artie Abrams,” she answered. 


“What did he want?” Her dad asked, with a concerned look on her face.  


“He just wanted to wish me a happy birthday,” she told him.


“That was nice of him,” her mom told her.  


“A senior. What sport does he play?” Her dad asked.


“I think he played football as a sophomore.” She told him leading them inside.


“And he’s in a wheelchair now? Talk about taking one for the team!” her dad concluded. 


“No, he was in a car accident when he was 8 years old,” 


They reached the hostess podium and were escorted to their table.


They busied themselves with their menus and ordering their food, and Kitty hoped her dad had dropped the subject. 


But once they had ordered and the menus were taken away. He was back at his game of 20 Questions.


“How did he play football if he couldn’t walk?


“I don’t know the details dad, but apparently they wheeled him down the field.”


“Is that legal?”


“I don’t know, Dad. It must’ve been. I don’t really know-. “




“Look, Dad, I barely know him,” she told him.


“If he’s not on the football team anymore, how do you know him?” her dad wanted to know. 


“You know him well enough for him to know and remember your birthday,” her mom chimed in.


“Look,” she told them, exasperated, “he’s in glee club, alright! He’s one of the ones who were in my lunch crew for the first week and a half of school before we kicked them out. I don’t know why he’s still talking to me. Can we change the subject now?”


After a few moments of silence their orders came and they finished their dinner with more casual conversation, but Kitty could tell this wasn’t going to be the end of the subject.


# # #


At Blaine and Sam’s victory celebration in the other part of the BreadstiX building, the crowd cheered, confetti was everywhere. A banner read “Congratulations, Blam! Let Freedom SING!”


Blaine and Sam raised their hands, clasped in victory.


Sugar and Tina stood up in front with them and Sugar shouted, “Make some noise! We know him!”


“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” Blaine told the crowd.


Blaine got a hug from Marley.  


“Great job!” She told him. 


“How do you do? How you doing?” He addressed a couple more classmates, shaking their hands, as he descended the stage.


He approached Artie, who greeted him cordially.


“Congratulations, Mr. President, ” he shook his hand.


“Thank you, Artie.”


“Losing the bow tie, that was your game changer– kudos.”


“No hard feelings. Maybe I can find a place for you in my administration.”


“No, thanks;” he told his friend. “I got what I needed. Sugar asked me out on a date.” he glanced over where Sugar was standing. “She invited me horseback riding. I’m just hoping it doesn’t involve being towed. – You talk to Kurt? -“


“Uh, yeah, yeah. He was super proud of me and he’s really excited. He’s already planning a whole inaugural ball.”


“Well, congratulations,” Artie excused himself to go join Sugar. 


“Thanks,” Blaine said and slapped him on the shoulder as he left.


Over his shoulder Artie saw Sam and Blaine sit down at the same booth and begin to talk.


# # #


After dinner Kitty dropped her parents off at home, quickly changed into her Cheerios uniform and went to the game. Jake joined her there and watched from the stands. 


The Cheerios did their best to cheer the team on and rhile the crowd, but the team just sucked and the crowd didn’t have much to get excited about, and as usual the Titans lost the game. 


And as she expected, no one said a word about her birthday….


# # #


When Kitty got home from the game that evening she went straight to her room and stripped out of her sweaty uniform and prepared to take a shower. She stopped when she glanced at the unopened birthday card she’d left on her bed in her rush to get ready for the game. 


She sat down and open it up. It was a plain white card with red writing and illustrations of a cheerleading bull horn and pom poms. On the outside it said “Hey! Hey! Hey! I Hear It’s Your 16th Birthday Today!”


On the inside it said: “Hope it’s an amazing one!” In pre-printed letters. On the inside cover there was a handwritten note from Artie that read:




Since I doubt I’m going to be invited to whatever festivities you have planned for your birthday, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to wish you a happy one, and good luck on your drivers test. I’m sorry our social circumstances have prevented us from becoming better friends, sometimes being in high school sucks!


– Artie


She re-read the note through twice and once again felt the familiar flush in her face that preceded crying. 


Why did he have to be so nice?! She thought


As her eyes began to water she grabbed her phone and began to type out a message and wipe away the first few tears.


# # # 


Artie lay in bed later that night when his phone buzzed with a text message. He picked it up and saw that it was from Kitty:


Artie, thank you so much for the card! I’m sorry if I came off scattered today. I just really wasn’t expecting it, but I’m flattered you remembered. You didn’t miss much, as far as my birthday goes, since no one else at school remembered it; not even my supposed boyfriend. Yes, sometimes high school sucks. I wish things were different too. -Kitty


Artie lay there in bed re-reading her text. She seemed really lonely. Wow, he didn’t see that coming!  He resolved to continue trying to be her friend to the degree possible. 


## ## ##


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