[ FANFIC ] Kitty and Artie at Their Apartment (DCT)

[ FANFIC ] Kitty and Artie at Their Apartment (DCT)

Author’s Notes: The following is a curte scene that I originally wrote for the flash forward part of Dreams Come True in The Wildeabrams Season Six.  It no longer fits with my vizion for that story, and therefore won’t be included, but I’m including it here because some of you may find it cute.

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==> Kitty & Artie’s Apartment, New York – November 2020

Kitty and Artie are snuggling on the couch watching the Geraldo Show on television

“I can’t believe she was just re-elected Vice President,” Artie bemoaned.

“No kidding,” Kitty added. “I really thought Hillary would defeat Jeb Bush this time.”

“Welcome back, everybody,” Geraldo said in the the television. “President Jeb Bush will win the crucial battleground state of Ohio, and reelection to a second term as President of the United States. With me now, before she heads down to Times Square to meet the president and the crowd of tens of thousands, the vice president, Sue Sylvester. Madam Vice President, thank you so much for being here.”

“Well, thank you, Geraldo,” Vice President Sue Sylvester responded wearing one of her trademark track suits, now emblazoned with the Vice Presidential Seal. “And I just spoke to the president, and he was curious about where I was, and I told him that victory rally could wait until I had a chat with my old buddy Geraldo.”

“Now, Madam Vice President,” Geraldo continued, “I have to ask you, will you be running for president in 2024?”

“You bet your sweet ass, Geraldo,” Sue responded confidently.

“Well, folks,” Geraldo addressed the audience, “you heard it here first the vice president. Thank you very much. Congratulations to you. We’ll be back with more election night coverage right after this!”

Kitty and Artie sat there stunned!

“Well there goes the arts in public schools!” Artie said.

“Forget that,” Kitty said, “There goes the country! That woman is insane!”

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[ Teaser Disclaimer: Scenes published as teasers are considered DRAFT, and while they are entertaining in their own right, they will vary (sometimes significantly) from the version in the finished story. ]


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