[ FANFIC ] A Very Wildebrams Intervention

[ FANFIC ] A Very Wildebrams Intervention


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Author’s Notes: Back in 2015 after Glee ended with a conclusion that many of us hated, I sat down and began writhing my own version of how things should have gone. Originally I had planned to have the sleep together after the house party in Transitioning and I later changed it to after the Brittana/Klaine Wedding, but for Kitty to have cold feet until a later point when that they would finally work things out. My original plan was to have this happen when Artie returned during The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester.  When I actually wrote the later chapters, I decide to have it happen much sooner, a couple days after the wedding.

The following is an early version of an intervention for Kitty and Artie done by Sam and the new New Directions members when Artie and Kitty’s inability to sort out their feelings was causing a disruption in the club in The Wildebrams Season Six. It was significantly rewritten in the final version, but I am also proud ion this version, so here it is for your enjoyment.

# # # #

Where does this lead us?

(Takes place during The Rise And Fall of Sue Sylvester )

Artie had been back in college for a couple of weeks when he got the call from the Geraldo Rivera show that they wanted to interview him about his time at McKinley and about Sue Sylvester. They offered to pay him a generous honorarium that would come in very handy in paying for college, as well as to pay for his flight back home to Lima and his return flight to New York when he was ready. There were no strings attached.  The only thing they wanted was for him to truthfully answer any questions that they had of him. It seemed innocent enough and he could really use the money so of course he agreed.

It was really nice being back in Lima but things had been awkward between him and Kitty ever since they had slept together after the wedding. She had seemed to be avoiding him afterwards, and then he unfortunately had to go back to school before they were able to get things straightened out

He had hoped that they would be able to figure out what was going on now that he was back for a few days, but just like before she was clearly avoiding him, and whenever he did manage to talk to her, she always had some place else that she needed to be.

Sam and Spencer of course notice the awkwardness between Kitty and Artie. Sam had filled Spencer in on the general details of what had happened between Kitty and Artie in high school, and the circumstances that he knew about their breakup. Spencer and Kitty had become friends, and of course he wanted to see her happy, so the two of them conspired along with Madison and Jane to get Kitty and Artie in the same room together so that they could talk uninterrupted.

Kitty entered the room along with Madison and Jane expecting to begin rehearsal on a number that they were working on for sectionals. But she stopped in her tracks as soon as she saw Artie and Sam sitting in the room. Spencer was standing off to the side. 

She turned around to exit only to find her way blocked by the two girls.

“Not so fast!” Jane said. 

“We couldn’t help but notice,” Sam added, rising to his feet, “that the two of you were starting to get close again until the wedding a month ago. You seemed to be enjoying each other’s company and danced together during the couples dance, but then suddenly you started avoiding each other like the plague. We don’t know what’s going on between the two of you, but we do know that you used to make each other happy and were at least friends.”

“We don’t know what’s going on here,” Jane added, “but we are tired of it. Kitty you have been moodier than usual and it’s interfering with our rehearsals.”

“Your private lives are your business, but this is affecting all of us now,” Madison added. “So we’re going to keep you here in this room so the two of you talk out whatever it is you need to talk out.”

“If you don’t want to date each other anymore that’s fine,” Spencer added, “but it’s not healthy to keep whatever’s going on inside, and whatever it is you need to figure it out so it stops messing with your other relationships.”

Sam, Spencer, Madison, and Jane promptly walked out of the room closing it behind them.

Kitty scoffed and after a few moments hesitation finally sat down in the chair across the table from Artie vacated by Sam.

“I didn’t know what they were planning,” Artie told her. “Sam just told me that he and Spencer wanted to talk to me about something they wanted to do as an independent project for Glee club.”

“It’s okay,” she finally said.  “I suppose we do need to talk, so I’ll forgo putting Nair in their shampoo bottles for the time being.”

“Actually,” Artie offered, “I’d kinda be interested to see what Sam looked like bald.”

The two of them laughed.

“Oh, my God!” Kitty told him. “I can not believe that you just said that.”

They continued to share a laugh for a few more moments. When they finally settled down, the ice was broken and they were ready to talk. 

“Kitty,” he ventured, “What’s going on between us lately? Do you regret sleeping with me after the wedding?”

“Is that what you think?!” She asked, surprised.

“I’m not sure what I’m supposed to think,” he answered. “That night meant something to me Kitty!”

“It meant something to me too,” she admitted.

“I thought that we were getting closer again and that maybe you might start to trust me enough to date again soon. But when I woke up that morning you were gone without a word. I realize I must have been tired and slept in pretty late.  I get that maybe you had church that morning or something, but you didn’t leave me a note or anything–“

“No, Artie it was nothing like,” she told him. “I didn’t have any place that I had to be. I just needed to clear my head. I actually got up and left pretty early.”

“Why? What happened? Talk to me!” He pleaded, taking her hand.

“Artie, that night meant a great deal to me as well.  I had finally reached the place emotionally where I could finally forgive you for breaking up with me. I felt so comfortable and content when I fell asleep. I haven’t felt that way in a long time. Not since we were together, and that was the only time in my life that I experienced that feeling.

“But after I talked to your mom that morning the reality of what had happened hit me like a ton of bricks.”

“Wait! What?” He responded surprised. “Did she say something to discourage you?”

“No,” Kitty told him. “Your mom has always liked me.  She didn’t tell you that we talked?”

“No,” he said surprised. 

Kitty sighed.

“Well, I woke up at about 3am and went to the bathroom,” she explained. “She must have as well because we ran into each other in the hallway. I was dressed in only panties and your shirt so she knew something was up.  Apparently she also heard some of the noises we made that night.” She couldn’t resist adding with a wry smile.

His face flushed a bright crimson and he looked away for a few moments.  He was sure his mom suspected that he was sexually active, but knowing that she’d been faced with actual concrete proof was more than a little embarrassing. 

“She asked me if we were back together and I said yes without really thinking about it. She seemed happy to hear that, and I went back into the bedroom. At the time I said it, I meant it and was really feeling happy about it.  I crawled back into bed, but after a few moments, the reality of what had happened set in.  Sex means a great deal to me and you’re the only one that I’ve ever been with.  

“I know you’ve been with others and I’ve always feared that I wasn’t worthy of you and that my feelings were deeper than yours, which our breakup seemed to confirm. Probably the biggest reason I’ve been reluctant to get back together with you is the fear that you’d leave me again. I’m not sure my heart could take another breakup. As I lay there next to you in bed, those doubts and insecurities crept back into my mind. I tried to ignore them but they just wouldn’t go away. I needed to get out of there so I got dressed and left before the sun came up.”

Artie was shocked to hear this. 

“When I woke up alone, I was really confused,” he told her, “and then when you didn’t show up for the post wedding clean up, and avoided me on Monday and Tuesday I got really frustrated and even more confused. Unfortunately I had to head back to New York that afternoon. 

“You hadn’t responded to any of my calls or messages, and that really hurt. I totally heard you when you told me I was rushing you, and I thought I had eased off. But, I thought that sleeping together was something that we both wanted.”

“I’m really sorry,” she told him. “I really should have talked to you before I left that morning. I thought that all I needed was a few hours to clear my head, but the longer it took the harder it was to talk to you.”

“Look Kitty,” he pleaded, “we are here talking now. So just tell me. What do you want?” 

She sighed and looked away for a few moments before continuing.

“I want to be with you,” she finally said. “But I don’t want to do it halfway.  If we are going to be together we are going to do it right this time. That means we are Facebook Official from the beginning. No secret relationship. Everyone knows we are together, and neither of us will be dating anyone else. We make an effort to talk and text every day, video chat at least weekly, and see each other when we can.  

“When I graduate, I will move to New York to be with you. I’ve already applied to NYU, Columbia, and a few other safety schools, but I will only seriously consider schools in or around New York.  When I move there we will live together and hopefully our relationship will grow in time to become permanent.”

His heart swelled, and a broad smile grew on his face. This was exactly what he wanted. He wheeled around the table and pulled her into his lap and his eyes met here. “I love you Kitty Wilde. That’s exactly what I want as well! I’ve never been happier than when I was with you, and no other woman I have dated has lived up to you!”

She got a big grin on her face and he gave her a deep and passionate kiss. 

“But so help me, if you break my heart again-” 

“- I won’t,” he reassured her.

She smiled. 

They just sat there in each other’s presence for about ten minutes, absorbing what had just happened. 

After a brief moment’s consideration, he resolved not to tell her about his agreement with Tina, at least not yet, because he didn’t think she would understand. Tina was his friend and he knew that she would be willing to keep their arrangement between the two of them if it’s what he wanted.

A few moments later she took out her phone and said, “Are you ready to do this? “

“Yes,” he responded, smiling.

She open her Facebook app and changed her relationship status to ‘In a relationship with Artie Abrams’

She smiled at him. He smiled back. He could see the happy glint in her eye that he saw so infrequently, and hadn’t at all since the breakup.

His phone screen lit up with the notification “Kitty Wilde says that she is in a relationship with you. Confirm this relationship?” He clicked yes. 

They both got the notification that they were in a relationship with each other.

They smiled and shared another passionate kiss.

“I love you Kitty Wilde!”

“I love you Artie Abrams!”

He wheeled them towards the door, and Kitty addressed the four people who were still sitting out in the hallway, and smiled when they saw her in his lap, “That’s right, bitches, Arthur and I are a thing again. Don’t let the excitement go to your heads.”

The four of them surrounded them and enveloped them in a group hug. 

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So what did everyone think of this version?

[ Teaser Disclaimer: Scenes published as teasers are considered DRAFT, and while they are entertaining in their own right, they will vary (sometimes significantly) from the version in the finished story. ]




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