[ Fic-A-Thon ] Slumber Party Girl Talk

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Slumber Party Girl Talk

(Takes place during the Billy Joel episode)

Marley, Kitty, Tina, and Unique lay in a circle on the floor of Kitty’s bedroom. Marley was in tears and Tina and Unique had their arms around Marley’s shoulder in an attempt to offer comfort.

“I still can’t believe he would do that to me!” Marley sobbed. “I thought he’d changed!”

“I had really hoped that Jake would have learned from Puck’s mistakes,” Tina offered.

“He’s a Puckerman,” Kitty told her. “The genes are just too strong I guess.”

“I’m really sorry to keep saying this,” Unique, told her sympathetically. “But a leopard can’t change his spots!”

Kitty gave her a dirty look. “That’s not helping,” she scolded.

“Sex means something special to me,” Marley said. “I’m not doing it until I’m completely sure I’m ready!”

“It was completely wrong for him to pressure you into something that you weren’t ready for,” Tina told her, hugging her closer.

“I just don’t understand how it can mean something so little to some people,” Marley said, looking at Kitty. “I just can’t compete with girls like you.”

Sudden Kitty felt all eyes were on her.

“Wait,” Kitty said. “Did he tell you we were sleeping together?”

“Not it so many words,” Marley, responded.

“Come on,” Tina interjected, “the whole school knows his and you reputations.”

“He told me that he used to stop calling girls who wouldn’t let him in their pants in six hours-” Marley explained.

“He actually said that?” Tina asked.

Marley moded. “You dated him for like 3 weeks, so I just assumed …” She told Kitty.

“Well don’t believe everything that you hear,” Kitty told Tina. “And don’t make assumptions about things you know nothing about,” she told Marley. “During the two and a half weeks we were supposedly dating he spent more time with you than me. Yes he made a few moves, but I shut him down fast.”

The others looked at her with surprise. She looked away for a moment, considering whether or not she was going to say what was on her mind. Finally she made her decision.

“What I’m about to say does not leave this room,” Kitty said. “Or they will never find the body, especially yours, Tina Cohen-Gossip-Monger!”

Tina got a ‘who me’ look on her face and then noded.

“I never slept with Jake,” she confessed. “I only let him kiss me once, and I didn’t enjoy it. It was awkward and gross, and he kept trying to push his tongue in my mouth and I wasn’t having any of that, especially from someone like him.

“Regards of what you may have heard,” Kitty told them, “the only one I’ve ever been with is Arthur.”

A rosy pink completion and a jealous look covered Tina’s face. She glanced away and an awkward moment filled the room.

“So what about Artie,” Marley asked, changing the subject away from her own problems, “is he a good kisser?”

Kitty smiled and gave a gushing smile before she answered, “Lips like pillows!”

“Oh really?” Unique asked I’m surprise.

“Yeah, he’s really good with his lips… In more ways than I one.”

“Kitty?!” Marley said in disbelief.

“What?” Kitty responded matter of factly. “There are other ways besides sex that a couple can make each other feel good.”

She then got a serious look on her face and continued, “Marley, do not ever compare yourself to Bree, me, or any other girl. And never let anyone pressure you into doing anything that you’re not ready for…. EVER … and if anyone else tries to do that to you they are going to have to answer to me….and it won’t be pretty!”

Marley and Kitty hugged awkwardly.

“Thank you,” Marley told her.

“Okay,” Kitty said, breaking the embrace. “Time to watch The Notebook and ingest obscene amounts of junk good.”

# # # # #

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