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Artie Abrams

Artie Abrams (Kevin McHale)
Class of 2013
New Directions Member (BKA)
Student Director (BKA)
Alumni Mentor (NB, NND)
College Student (NB, NND, WS)
Director (WS)

Arthur “Artie” Abrams is one of the main characters of The Wildebrams Saga and my other stories.

He is an alumnus of William McKinley High School, where he actively participated in the school’s Glee Club, New Directions until his graduation. He is currently a student at the Brooklyn Film Academy in New York.

Artie is a paraplegic. It is revealed in Wheels that he had got in a car accident with his mother when he was eight-years-old, which resulted in him being in a wheelchair. Although he is in a wheelchair, Artie refuses to let that get in the way of his ambitions, such as in Britney/Brittany, when he decided joins the football team. In Dream On, it is revealed that Artie dreams of being a dancer, despite being paraplegic and hopes to find a cure for his disability .

The Ballad of Kitty and Artie:

At the beginning of Season Five, Artie started a relationship with Kittybut they broke up some time after he moved to New York. He graduated in New Directions, along with Blaine, Tina, Sam, Brittany, Becky, and the rest of the seniors.

New Beginnings

New New Directions

Wedding Song


The Wildebrams Season Six:

He returns to McKinley to help Kurt and Blaine find new members for the Glee Club and he also becomes Brittany’s and Santana’s wedding planner. In 2009, it is revealed that he originally auditioned for the Glee Club, because of a bet he made with Tina’s goth friends. In Dreams Come True, five years after New Directions’ win at the 2015 Nationals, he rekindles his relationship with Tina. He becomes a film director and is present during the re-dedication of the Auditorium, performing I Lived with the former members of the glee club.

Name: Artie Abrams (Arthur James Abrams)
Nickname(s): Artie
Age When Introduced: 16 (Freshmen but repeated a grade)
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5″7′
Weight: unknown
Birthday: 1994
Class Of: 2013
Role(s): Artie, Dr. Y
Occupation: Director
Address(es): Lima, Ohio
New York, New York
Interest(s): Singing, Dancing, Directing,
Clique(s): Glee Club, Jazz Band, Math Club, AV Club,
Footbal Team (1 season)
Education: William McKinley High School (2013)
The Brooklyn Film Academy (2017)
Family: Nancy Abrams (Mother)
James Abrams (Father)
Significant Other(s): Tina Cohen-Chang (firs girlfriend, first
kiss, ended)
Brittany Pierce (lost virginity to, ended)
Sugar Motta (dated, ended)
Betty Pillsbury (one night stand/casual relationship, ended)
Becky Jackson (one date, ended)
Kitty Wilde (Girlfriend, ended)
Julie (dated in college)
Kitty Wilde (Fiance, Spouse)
Quinn Fabray [Quartie Ever After]
Close Friends: Tina Cohen-Chang
Finn Hudson
Quinn Fabray
Kitty Wilde
Sam Evans
Debuted in: The Wildebrams Saga: The Ballad of Kitty and
Artie: The New Rachel
Appeared In: Original Glee Character
The Wildebrams Saga: The Ballad of Kitty and
The Wildebrams Saga: New Beginnings
The Wildebrams Saga: New New Directions
The Wildebrams Saga: Homecoming
Quartie Ever After
Other assorted stories
Final Appearance: Quartie Ever After



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