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Marley Rose

Marley Rose  (Melissa Benoist)
Class of 2015
New Directions Member (BKA, NB, NND)
Drama Club Member (NB)
NYU Student (WS)

Marley Rose was a senior glee club member, shy wallflower with a voice of gold who dreams of singing her songs on the radio. She is tall and thin and had a bout of Bulimia in the fall of 2012 brought on by being bullied by cheerleader Kitty Wilde. After fainting on stage during Sectionals she got help for her problem. Marley eventually became friends with Kitty after the two of them shared the traumatic experience of a school shooting in the spring of 2013. Kitty genuinely apologized and the two of them began to form a real friendship after that.

Marley dated Jake Puckerman for most of 2012-13 until he broke her heart by cheating on him with Bree because she would not have sex with him. Briefly dated her friend Ryder immediately after, but regretted it because she wasn’t ready for a relationship. After saying single for about six months she agreed to try dating Ryder again, and the two of them have been together ever since.



Name: Marley Rose
Nickname(s): Marley
Age When Introduced: 15/16 (Sophmore)
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color:  
Weight: unknown
Birthday: 1999?
Class Of: 2015
Occupation: Unknown
Address(es): Lima, Ohio
New York, New York
Interest(s): Singing, Dancing, Writing Songs
Clique(s): Glee Club, Drama Club
Education: William McKinley High School (2013)
The Brooklyn Film Academy (2017)
Talent(s): Singing, Dancing, Writing Songs
Family: Millie Rose (Mother)
Unknown Father
Significant Other(s): Jake Puckerman (ex boyfriend)
Ryder Lynn (Boyfriend/Fiance)
Close Friends: Artie Abrams
Finn Hudson
Kitty Wilde
Sam Evans
Unique Adams
Debuted in: The Wildebrams Saga: The Ballad of Kitty and
Artie: The New Rachel
Appeared In: The Wildebrams Saga: The Ballad of Kitty and
The Wildebrams Saga: New Beginnings
The Wildebrams Saga: New New Directions
The Wildebrams Saga: Homecoming
Quartie Ever After
Other assorted stories
Final Appearance: Quartie Ever After


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