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Mason McCarthy

Mason McCarthy    (Billie Lewis Jr. )
Class of 2017
Drama Club Member (NB)
New Directions Member (NB, NND)

Twin Brother to Madison, and more than a little intimidated by her. Has a major crush on Jane. Personality wise he bares more than a passing resemblance to Ryan from High School Musical. He and his sister are sometimes sarcastically referred to as ‘the incest twins’ by Bree and some of the other students because of their unusually close relationship. Develops a flirtation come romance with Jane after doing a duet with her.

Name: Mason McCarthy
Nickname(s): Mason, Creepy Incest Twin
Age When Introduced: 15 (Freshmen)
Gender: Male
Hair Color:  
Eye Color:  
Weight: unknown
Class Of: 2017
Address(es): Lima, Ohio
New York, New York
Interest(s): Cheering, Singing, Dancing, Acting
Clique(s): Cheerios, Glee Club, Drama Club
Education: William McKinley High School (2017)
Talent(s): Singing, Dancing, Cheering
Family: Madison  McCarthy (twin sister)
Significant Other(s): Jane Hayward
Close Friends:  
Debuted in: The Wildebrams Saga: New Beginnings
Appeared In: The Wildebrams Saga: The Ballad of Kitty and
The Wildebrams Saga: New Beginnings
The Wildebrams Saga: New New Directions
The Wildebrams Saga: HomecomingOther assorted stories
Final Appearance:  
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