ANB – Chapter 01: A New Beginning (Depreciated)

Glee: A New Beginning

By Wilde Abrams

Author’s Notes: Thank you so much for the feedback on my previous story In My Arms Again! Sorry for the wait on my next story, but I wanted to wait until the last episode of the season to see if there were any more hints about what’s in store for Artie. I have been working on this story along with some other stuff since before that story was posted.

When I first posted this, We knew as much as we thought we were going to about his immediate future of Kitty, Artie, and the others. Season 6 will be the last and that it will be about the original glee club members (those that can be talked into returning ). It will include a time jump, and they will only “catch up with ” the newbies to see how being in glee club effected them, so we will have a pretty blank slate for fanfic storytelling. The latter half of season 5 is Kitty’s junior year, and the show skips another 6 months or so to latter in her senior year.

Most of this series was planned when almost nothing was known about about season 6 of Glee so everything at McKinley was AU but the New York stuff still followed cannon for the most part. The episode Tested is the first major divergence. In it Artie behaved in a very uncharacteristic way by hooking up with two different girls and perusing a third (apparently completely forgetting about Kitty) and contracting the clap. In this story, he did date several girls while in New York, and expected Kitty was doing that same, but did not hook up with them. The rest of the story should be more or less compatible with the remainder of season 5 and is therefore only slightly AU.

Update: More information has leaked about season 6. I won’t go into details for those of you who don’t want to be spoiled. But suffice it to say it’s going to be completely incompatible with what I have in mind with for how this story is going to go. So as of this writing, here is how I see this story developing.

When I get to that point, the story of what happens next is expected to be completely AU unless I can figure out a way to converge them but it doesn’t seem likely.

The story has been significantly revised since I originally posted it. I haven’t really changed much, but I added more things because I have a better grasp on the Kitty/Artie situation, and where I am taking the story. I highly recommend you read it from the beginning.


Chapter 1: New Beginnings

Artie was really relishing his life in New York. As it turned out, all of the anxiety he put himself through was for not. After a short period of adjustment, Artie really embraced his new life. A lot of that had to do with his close proximity to so many of his friends. Rachel, Kurt, Blaine, and Sam around all the time and Mercedes, Santana, and Brittany were around a lot too.

The only thing he was really missing was Kitty, and the two of them had agreed that because they were so far away from each other, that it was not fair to restrict their social lives, so they were free to date others if they wished, and they would avoid the problems that their friends had fallen into trying to maintain similar long distance relationships.

The only major setback he encountered was when he was robbed on the subway and someone stole his laptop. The laptop contained the only copy of his script so at the time it seemed catastrophic. Police were virtually no help, and for a few days he was reluctant to ride the subway.

But his friends supported and encouraged him, and Rachel even gave up her give up the town car her producer had given her so that she could ride the subway with him every day to give him the courage he needed. He didn’t need her help for very long, a few days later he and Rachel were on the subway and they saw the robber. After pepper spraying him and calling the police, they were able to recover not only his laptop, but possessions belonging to a lot of other people. It turned out the guy was a serial hoarder.

Since moving to New York, Artie had really flourished both academically and socially. His projects became very popular both with his teachers and with his fellow students particularly his female classmates. One of his professors had submitted his first full length film to three film festivals for consideration.

Life was good.

He also found that there were lots of women who wanted to date him. This was a sharp contrast to what he was used to. In high school he had only dated 5 women in his last 3 years of high school. Tina, Brittany, Sugar, Betty, and Kitty. In college he dated 3 women in 2 months Vanessa, Jessica, and Julie. For once in his life, he had not neede to be the pursuer.

He remembered his arrangement with Kitty, that they were free to date since maintaining long distanced relationships was next to impossible at the 589 mile distanced, but would be honest with each other about any significant developments. They would resume their current relationship when she graduated unless one or both of them had committed to a long term relationship with someone else by then. This had been more her idea than his. He assumed that it was because she did not want to be alone in high school, not that he could blame her, but could not bare the pain of a breakup, because while the circumstances sucked, they really did love each other.

After settling in to his new environment, Girls began to throw themselves at him because they thought he was cute and they liked his film. Initially he hadn’t planned to date much, but after a few weeks he figured that if she was going to date around, he may as well too. At first they had a Google Hangouts chat every day, or nearly so. But once school started, one or the other was busy a lot so their chats grew shorter and less and less often. After another month or so they were lucky if they talked once a week or so. The perils of leading different lives. He slowly accepted that this was how it was going to be, at least for now…

Out of the girls he saw, there was only one girl that he had to ask out himself. That was Julie, and the only one of the group that was prospective relationship material. They spent a lot of time together because she was a voice over artist on his film Bags In The Wind. Initially she stated that she would not date someone who she worked with, however she did change your mind and they went out on one date. But after she found out that he had dated the other two girls who she did not respect, she decided that she was no longer interested in him. He took this as a sign to slow down and focus on his projects.

He missed Kitty, but kept himself busy in an attempt to distract himself from just how much.


Kitty, on the other hand, had the opposite experience. Glee club was gone and with it most of her friends. She no longer had that daily excuse to spend time with her only real friends at McKinley: Marley, Unique Jake, and Ryder; The others having graduated or move on to other things.

Kitty felt lost. She was still a member of the Cheerios, but no longer high in the hierarchy with the senior members. He had given that up the previous year by choosing to date Artie and be friends with glee club members.

Since glee club had been canceled in defeat for their loss at nationals, they were now considered failures by most other students. This was something that had been encouraged by Principal Sylvester. She only wanted winners at her school, and second place (even if it was in the whole nation) was just that first loser, was her motto. The sad part was, kitty had once agreed with it.

Kitty no longer enjoyed Cheerios as much as she had, and briefly considered quitting, but she knew that she needed the status that it afforded her to survive in high school even if she was no longer on top. She knew that Bree would like nothing better than to force her off the squad, but she was one of the best members, and even Bree and Coach Roz knew that they needed her if they were going to retain their title as National Champions.

She was forced to see her friends in private and act as if they weren’t friends in public to avoid being hazed by the other Cheerio members. Coach Roz was a bitch and refused to do much of anything about it, choosing not to see what was happening.

She had intended to keep the promise that she made to be friends with the former glee club members, and she made an effort to do so. But her teammates on the Cheerios made it completely impossible for her to do so with Unique. Bree and her cohorts on the Cheerios made it their personal mission to torment Wade/Unique on a daily basis, and made it clear that Kitty and the other Cheerios were expected to go along with it. Kitty didn’t actually hurl insults herself, but she did laugh rather uneasily when socially necessary, and then avert her eyes in shame. She felt terrible but didn’t know what else to do.

Instead of feeling accepted, she realized that she had never felt so alone in her life; except the time immediately after she had told her friend Julie her brother had done and she had her friends turn against her. Last year was the best year of her life, but judging by the first couple weeks, this was shaping up to be the worst.


The third week back at McKinley, Kitty was summoned to the office of Principal Sylvester. Kitty hadn’t been taking care of Sue Sylvester’s daughter since about the middle of last year so she wondered what it was about.

True to her word Sue had literally had the office stripped bare to the studs and redone so it looked almost nothing like its previous self. Gone we’re the glass windowed wall and comfortable couches and end tables. In their place were a solid wall and much more functional chairs. The room was decked out in memorabilia from Sue’s career as a cheerleading coach reminiscent of her old office in the athletic wing, with a smattering of other memorabilia from her life, including a framed picture of what Sue had once told her was her late sister Jean.

“I’ll make this quick.” Sue told her. “As you know I don’t like to beat around the bush with things. You know I’ve always liked you. You remind me of elements of both a young Sue Sylvester and Quinn Fabray, but not quite as evil an underhanded.

“Now that Glee Club is over you need something besides cheerleading and drama to keep you busy. With Becky Jackson’s graduation I have an opening for a secretary. But unless you’re willing to legally change your name to Becky I can’t call you my Becretary,” Sue chuckled, and continued, “so we’ll have to come up with some other name for you. Oh and my daughter misses you. The illegal alien I hired to be her nanny just doesn’t have the knack for feeding and changing her that you do. What do you say? I’d hate to have to being back Figgins secretary Donna. The woman smells like feet.”

Kitty just sat there and looked back at her with a shocked look for several minutes. “Let me get this straight. You canceled the Glee Club and in doing so took away one of the few things that gave me any joy at this God forsaken school. And now you want me to do you a favor?”


“You’ve got to be freaking kidding me! Why on Gods green earth would I do that?”

“Because if I make you my new right hand bitch again, you will be the most powerful student in the school, every student will have of answer to you, you will have something over Bree… You didn’t think it had escaped my notice that the two of you don’t exactly get along since I promoters her to Captain of the Cheerios… A post formerly held by you?”

“Why are you doing this?”

“I told you, I like you-”

“-If that’s true then bring back the Glee Club, the only thing, besides Artie at this school that’s ever brought me any real joy.” She said rising to her feet.

“That’s never going to happen. Glee Club is gone and is never coming back. I finally defeated Will Schuester and I’m not backing down.”

Kitty gave her ‘a what are you talking about’ look, followed by a deep sigh.

“I don’t understand why you’re doing this to Bree and the Cheerios. I thought you like the Cheerios. You promoted Bree to the head of the Cheerios yourself. Why help me take her down now?”

“Now that I’ve defeated Will Schuester and destroyed the Glee Club, I need to use my energies towards motivating another club, and I’ve chosen the Cheerios because they barely made it to nationals last year, and we’re very close to being defeated. I always used being unpredictable as a motivator and it works for me. And beside Coach Roz Washington bothers me even worse than Will Schuester.”

“I don’t understand what does your feud with Mr. Schue have to do with anything?”

But Sue had finally lost patience with her.

“Take it or leave it Kitty. But I have to know by the end of the week. If you don’t want it I have to set up some interviews. ”

Kitty stood there for a few moments thinking it over in her head. Bree had become completely insufferable since being promoted to captain of the Cheerios and seriously needed to be knocked down a few pegs. Coach Roz wasn’t going to do anything, and had become increasingly insufferable herself since their nationals win the previous spring.

“I don’t need till the end of the week to decide. As long as we are agreed that in the broader pecking order I have authority over Bree, then we have a deal. That bitch has messed with my life and the people I care about for the last time! ”

Sue extended her hand and shook Kitty’s hand. “Welcome back Kitty. I know you’ll do a hall of a job …. And for your first order of business …. Robin needs her diaper changed.”

And that is how Kitty got her high pony back.


On her way to out of Sue’s office, Kitty walked past Dottie Kazatori.

“Dottie I’m the new head bitch at McKinley. I’m in the market for a personal assistant. It will be your chance to get revenge on Bree for tricking you into slushing Tina and almost tasking the fall for it. Interested?”


“Good,” Kitty said, tasking g her under her arm. “Here’s What we’re gonna do. …”


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