WS6 – Chapter 06: The Wedding Planner (Original Version)

Chapter 6: The Wedding Planner (6×06)
By Wilde Abrams

Authors Note: Sorry for the delay updating this. People who are more familiars with my stuff know that’s I’m not one to rush things. But it’s pretty universally accepted that it’s worth the wait.
To those who don’t follow me on Twitter (WildeAbrems), you don’t need to worry about me going anywhere anytime soon or abandoning any of my other work. I’m not abandoning my fan fiction just because RIB gave us a crappy ending. Priority right now is these one shots to “fix” their screw up, along with Wedding Song, which was my priority before I got majorly inspired by Season Six. The rest will come in due course… Stay tuned!

Thanks again to Holly (MyGoldStar) for beating this for me!

# # # # #

When Artie finally left Kitty to be alone with her thoughts, he checked his phone and saw that he had a text from Brittany asking him to meet her at her house. After taking a few minutes to freshen up, he drove over to Brittany’s parents’ house. When he arrived she greeted him warmly. Then Brittany showed him into the house, and led him to her bedroom.

This wasn’t the first time that he had been in this particular house and this particular room. He and Brittany had dated for a while during his sophomore year and it was Brittany who had taken his virginity in this very room. However, for some reason, Brittany seemed to have blocked this out and once again, she did not seem to remember that the two of them had even dated. He was just glad she didn’t refer to him as part robot again.

Britney announced that she wanted to hire Artie, for free, to be the wedding planner for her and Santana’s wedding. When he asked why she had chosen to bestow this particular honor on him, she reminded him that he hadn’t had much to do that year, and that since he was a director that he might be able to help her bring her vision for the wedding to life. He enthusiastically agreed and invited her to pitch him.
She played a recording of Dusty Springfield’s “Wishin’ and Hopin'”, a song she was planning to sing in Glee Club, to illustrate her point. After some discussion, the theme of “heaven” -“When I’m with Santana, it just feels like I’m in Heaven,” she told him – seemed to be the frontrunner, followed by the much more random “underworld”; although Artie wasn’t sure if Brittany was really serious about that one.
He left her house and began to think about the wedding. Being a wedding planner wasn’t something that he’d ever considered before, and he didn’t know what all it would entail. But he did know that it would mean a lot of work.
He was going to have to recruit some help. He knew that he could count on the other alumni, but most of them would likely also be in the wedding party so he probably couldn’t depend on much help from them on for wedding day itself. He also figured he could recruit Kitty and the new Glee kids if needed. They seemed like a nice group.
Artie lay in bed that night thinking about all of this when he started to think about Kitty again. If he was ever going to repair his relationship with her, he was going to have to find reasons to spend time with her, and the long hours of planning a wedding, being surrounded by all sorts of romantic things seemed just the opportunity that he needed.
He smiled and pulled out his phone and began to google weddings.
# # # # #

The following day he approached Kitty at lunch in the McKinley High cafeteria. She was sitting off to the side at a table with Spencer. The two of them seemed to be talking about cheerleading and football when Artie rolled up and asked, “Mind if I join you guys?”

“Sure,” Spencer said.

“Not at all,” Kitty nodded. He pulled up and sat his tray on the edge of the table next to Kitty and smiled cautiously.

“So, how have you two been today?” Artie asked, glancing around. “This place really hasn’t changed very much.”

“Just the people, and the food,” Kitty told him. “Sue’s gone all extreme healthy on the menu.”

“We were just discussing last week’s pep assembly, and how we hoped that we could maybe get the Glee Club involved in it next time,” Spencer said. “From what I’ve heard there has been some past collaboration between the football team cheerleaders and Glee Club.”

“Yeah,” Artie told him, “a few years back the Glee Club, football players, and several cheerleaders who were in Glee, all got together and did the halftime show for the state championship game. We did this awesome number that was a mash up of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ and the Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’s ‘Our Heads Will Roll’. We were all dressed up and zombie make up. It was totally awesome!”

“That must’ve been some sight to see,” Spencer grinned.

“Yeah, it was really cool. I’m pretty sure that it’s in the New Direction’s YouTube account if you want to take a look.”

Kitty nodded and said, “Yes, actually it is,” with a big smile. “I was just watching it the other day.”

“Cool, man,” Spencer said “I’ll have to check it out. So, I just wanted to say that it’s cool that all you alumni are here to help us out. How long are you planning to be around?”

“Well,” he answered. “I believe Rachel and Kurt are here at least through the school year.”

“Rachel gave me her word that she would stay here long enough to see things through until Glee was back permanently,” Kitty informed them.

Artie nodded. “As for the rest of us, it really varies by person. I’m here at least until Brittany and Santana’s wedding in three weeks. Then I’m back to film school for a bit. But I’ll be back when I can, until I’m confident you guys are comfortable, and Glee Club has regained its status as a permanent club.”

“Artie’s going to be a famous director someday,” Kitty told Spencer proudly.

Spencer nodded and added, “You’ll have to show me something you’ve done one of these days.”
“Sure,” Artie told him proudly.

Spencer looked at his watch and said, “Well, I’ve got a meeting with Coach Evans in a few minutes that I have to go to. I’ll talk to you guys later.”

Kitty and Artie nodded and watched as Spencer got up and left the room.

And then they were alone.

There was an awkward silence during which Artie briefly considered the possibility that Spencer had done that deliberately.

“So. what are you up to today?” Kitty asked him cautiously, breaking the silence.

“Well,” he began, “I assume you know that Brittany and Santana are engaged?”

“Of course,” Kitty told him. “The entire glee club and half the school are buzzing about it.”

“Well, guess who got roped into being their wedding planner”

“You?” She asked, surprised.

“Yeah,” he answered.

“How did she do that?” She wanted to know, curiously.

“Yesterday, after we talked, Brittany talked me into it by appealing to my vanity as a director and visionary,” he told her with a sigh.

She nodded. Everyone who knew Brittany knew how hard it was to say no to her.

She furrowed her brow and asked, him if he needed any help. He smiled at her and answered, “I was hoping you would ask me that.”

She smiled back at him with a happy glint in her eyes.

He was looking forward to this.

# # # # #

And there you have it! The next chunk of the story. Sorry it was so short, but this seemed like the best place to break it. The next part is going to be longer. Kitty begins to get suspicious of Mercedes’ real reason for being there. Drama will of course ensue … Stay tuned 🙂

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