The Status Of My Stories

The Status Of My Stories

Now that Glee is over and RIB completely screwed over our ship, I’ve had a number of people messaging me asking about weather I plan to continue with my Wildebrams stories. The good news is YES, I am continuing my writing, and YES I plan to finish the in progress stories.

I’ll be completely honest here. I may be a skilled writer (or so I’ve been told), but I’m not a very disciplined one. I write when I have time (I’m an adult with a job) and write what I’m inspired to write, even if it’s not the most convenient thing. I don’t write on a schedule and I don’t give ETA’s other than ‘soon’. But the people who have been following my stories seem to think it’s worth the wait. Keep an eye on this site and my Twitter @WildeAbrams for updates, spoilers, and preview teasers.

Completed Stories:

In My Arms Again (Somewhere, Somehow), The Bitterness of Being Left Behind, The Day That Everything Changed, Passion Is Wonder-ful, and An Unexpected Tragedy are all considered completed stories and won’t be continued per se, though they may be updated with minor text revisions (typos mostly), and the latter 3 will be incorporated into the Shooting Star, Wonder-ful, and The Quarterback chapters of The Ballad of Kitty and Artie.

Wildebrams Season Six:

Right now my priority is to finish Season Six One Shots (which will get a few minor updates and be re-titled Wildebrams Season 6, since that’s basically what it is. The ‘one-shot’ concept kind of went out the window when I fell behind. Overall I think it makes more sense to turn it into a single story.

Right now I am working on the third chapter (of five) based upon What The World Needs. I am also working on figuring out how the remaining chapters will go, setting up the endgame we all want, writing around the Tartie mess that RIB made. Yes, I will be adding original content featuring Kitty and/or Artie for episodes they were not in, as well as some events that happened that RIB didn’t show us (Regionals, for one). I can’t promise that the road will always be smooth, but in the end Kitty and Artie will be together as they should have been and Tina will be with who she should be with.

Wedding Song:

Wedding Song is my next priority. This won’t be my longest story (I’m expecting it to be 10 chapters ), but because of the amount of drama, character development, and an all new original story, it’s by far my most ambitious work. It’s being written alongside my other writing.

I’m working on chapter 4 now. This chapter contains Kitty and Artie’s 4 year dating anniversary as well as the 4 year anniversary of the death of Finn Hudson, as well as the beginning of Artie’s treatments.

The Ballad of Kitty and Artie:

The Ballad of Kitty and Artie  (BKA) is the story of how Kitty and Artie fell in love in during seasons 4 and 5A of Glee. Each episode gets a chapter and there will be several all original Chapters.  It’s expected to be about 42 chapters when done. So, yes it’s going to be huge. Right now I’m on The Role You Were Born To Play and Geese, however I have parts of many later episodes done. It was set aside when I started Wedding Song, but I’m expecting this to start to flow out smoothly once I get rolling on it again.

A New Beginning:

A New Beginning  (ANB), despite being my most popular story  (at least according to reviews), has been somewhat of a thorn in my side since it was originally started last summer. It was started without a real outline, and with only a vague idea of what I was going to do with it. All I really knew was that it was going to fix the mess created in 100/New Directions and Tested.

It’s already had one rewrite, and will have another one that makes it fit with my current vision, which is as follows: The first 12 or so chapter will take place Kitty’s junior year and focus on Kitty and Artie getting back together and getting Glee reinstated. The next 12 or so chapters will take place Kitty’s senior year and focus in glee club lessons, competitions, and the journey to nationals (and proving the validity of Glee). Yes both the season 4 and 6 newbies will be in this story along with some other familiar faces. It may or may not continue when Kitty goes to college. This is probably the lowest priority of the in progress works, so please don’t expect anything for a while.

UPDATE:  A New Beginning in it’s current form has been shelved. In it’s place I have started a rewrite and divided it up into two parts. New Beginnings will chronicle Kitty’s junior year and tell how she and Artie dealt with their separation and eventually got back together. It will also tell the story of how Glee Club was given another chance. New New Directions will tell the story of the new members of the New Directions, including the season 4 and 6 newbies, along with several new characters, and how they reformed their club and competed for the national title.

New Beginnings:

The first 4 chapters of this have been published, consisting of a mix of old and new material including pieces of the now debunked A New Beginning, and all new material featuring the the other season 4 newbies.

New New Directions:

The first two chapters of this are complete. They tell the story of how our characters lives have changed and begin introducing new characters.


Homecoming – the follow up to Wedding Song is still in the rough outline stage, so don’t expect to see anything for a while.

Other Story Ideas:

The other stories listed on my Fanfic page are still in the idea stage.

Any other questions, please ask! This page will be updated regularly so please check back for updates.[

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